Daily smoke, super cheese & a skate

last month

grafitx_editor (1).jpeg
Managed to catch a few shots with my cellphone on the way to a mad little spot. We stopped at the park where he ripped several tricks warming up after not being able to skate since his injury on the track.

This was some of the super cheese that I rolled into a pinner after a sunset ride which was recorded and will be uploading in the next few days.

sunset 1.jpg

Would appreciate some advice on how to link gifs so that you don't have to go to an external site to view. But there's a nice little shot if you check the link out.

#skate #curationbro #smoking #smoke #life #nugporn #sunset

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@psyo I use Giphy cam...I can take videos and cut them down to 4 or 5 sec clips in giphy cam and save them...they save as files I can select from the posting screen and don’t require links.


And I’m sure this isn’t the “correct way” but I load gifs I want to post in comments like this...


By uploading it in the posting screen and then cutting it to this comment screen...

I’m always looking for new and improved ways to do things correctly also so I appreciate you asking this!


Thank you @potspoon, appreciated more than you know. nice rip btw😉