Daily smoke and a heart filled solo acoustic jam session with a sneaky LED project

11 months ago

So here's a pic of what i had rolled into a pinner which is an unknown strain and was blessed by a friend. Bright alien neon green, felt as if the aliens had grown it on planet indica. If you listen to the video you can hear the spark right in the beginning.

I decided to post a clip of the jam session which was recorded with a cellphone. The song is one for the heart and will be posting more semi professional videos in time.

Really hope you enjoy the short clip and feel free to follow on more updates and posts!

#cannabis #curationbro #smoke #music #life

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Cool music :)

I saw the huge bag of weed thinking it was the joint and thought no way that's classifiable as a pinner hahah


Haha bro, that would be a 1kg joint, would have to be a pinner for a giant at least, if it could be rolled that is ;)


1km pinner? Haha


would take an army of rolling vets to accomplish that 😂