Chillax with some nugporn after the party weekend

6 months ago

Howdy fellow smokers and friends!

Or should I write Dear Diary, anyways here is my SMOKE photolog for Sunday. This could also be a pretty good example how to use a hashtag life on

Long time no hear, 3 days. Looks like holidays are living up to their name. For me weekends are usually reserved for staying at home, being creative, resting from my workdays where I walk up to 15 km daily. Yesterday and the day before were nothing like that. We had some Christmas party, alcohol and shit, headaches and hunger without appetite. Barbecue at my friend. So, today, Sunday fun-day in kitchen with #munchies and #food, for the outside part we will leave it to M.J. to take care of it.


Tried slowing down for a bit on smoking as it gets me down with alcohol. Or I ran out of my hash stash, can’t remember, nevertheless had only few J per day last few days. Today I was completely dry and had to get some #nugporn to cure my hangovers and become creative in the kitchen as my wife is working today and I got to be responsible for cooking.

This is some street weed, don’t know the strain, don’t care about the strain; might be selfish but it all about #THC baby, and this bad boy has it with his 3.5 g. He is here just for few days till I get my hands on hashish stashish. Here is a closer look.



Products of my creativity as omnivore chef are pear pie and “kiflice”. You might not know what kiflice are so, long story short it is a type of bread-dough filed with pancetta, cheese, sour cream, yoghurt, and chorizo. I made dough for them, but for pear pie I used bought puff pastry.




After all of this, it is time to treat myself with one more J obviously.

Soundtrack of the day will be live act of Shpongle, great for random dancing while prepping dough.

#cryptosmokers #curationbro #spliffography


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Looks like some dense and dank nugs. Too bad you don't know the strain, but it probably tastes great either way 😶
I am happy to read that more people then me are hash lovers here on @psyceratopsb 😁


Oh yea.
It fits me better than weed. Makes me more productive


Same here, for my music production to flow I need hash. With weed it never turns into a finished track for me 😛


Haha..same as with mine paintings...

man that looks delicious


Damn,at it was. Let me tell you that. When munchies kick in, even shit looks good.

Great blog diary and delicious looking food man!


Thanks for your encouragement in doing so!

Dang that street weed looks so legit, very milky !!
I didn't know about shpongle, dope.


It is, the taste is splendid...

Looks decent for some street weed. Also, you are invited to come cook. Food looks delicious.


Any time man. I really like it.

That performance of Shpongle is fuckin amazing... Seen it only a few weeks ago...


Oh interesting and intriguing..definitely on my bucket list to see


I've heard them at Ozora festival last year. It was a new album promotion, not show like this one but still, worth listening xD