I Got A Val Gift From The gods. It Look Greenish.

4 months ago

Yesterday was awesome!

Most people who truly believe in love will find more ways to love and enjoy themselves more. People like me don't even stress it at all since I don't have a girlfriend. Been a while I have been dating my phone in the day while my laptop is my night girlfriend. Cryptocurrency made me love them both more. And they are really helpful. I don't use to go out of door often but when I do I always want it to be for some good reasons and it must be profitable. Happiness, been around like mind persons makes me like going out sometimes. My yesterday was awesome been around people who have the same mind as me.

I already said my in my last post that while everyone is going for pizza, chicken, ice-cream, and all sort junks, I will be at "Skushi joint", I still can't get why I like this cannabis wine over alcohol. I can remember I used to visit a bar with friends where we will all get drunk and became the best idiots ever liveth. One day, I went to party and marijuana wine is what they served us which made it my 1st time. I over drank it then and saw the wrong result but I tried again a few months later and then I start seeing a positive result. Today, "Skushi" is a relaxation drink for me and it has helped me reduce stress time without number.

Yesterday, I called on two of my like mind friends, one of them came with another friend which also came with his girlfriend. LOL... Don't let me scatter your brain in case you do not understand that, just skip it. We all have a nice time together and talk about life, share business ideas, talk about some problems we can all solve together also. That's the joy of it right?

It was really fun. That me and my friends talking. The place have dimmed light for reasons, so I can't turn on my phone flashlight. But you can hear my voice and my friend talking about someone I once had issue with but solved. (We were speaking Yoruba language.)
See, what I notice about that yesterday was that. All of us have something in common. Can I call it "Open-minded"? Well, while others are saying Cannabis is not good, we know it is good and we go for it instead of pizza and ice-cream. Also, we were able to talk with open-mind, no one is lying about what we are not capable of. Moreover, the shit is very cheap per cup, it's about 1 dollar per each cup. Most of us go for 2 cups, this is my gauge. If I exceed this, I will need more assorted meats to suppress it down. The woman sabi treat customer self. Hahaha...

The Greenish Val Gift From The gods.

Few days before Valentine, there was envy rain which fell and the breeze carried water through my kitchen window (Where I left my canna-farm since I did not succeed in growing it) into the kitchen. Everywhere was wet and the small farm bowl was soaked and full of water. I cleaned the flow but left the bowl at the place it was before, like 4-3 days I noticed something coming out of the bowl but I care not since I don't put something in it. I didn't check again until today's morning and I am surprised seeing this greenish weedy plant in my bowl. I was happy though but I am not sure this won't also die just as others did. But I will try my best taking care of it again.
The Fresh Greenish Val Gift.
In this video, I was using the stick to show you those ones that died and dried before. And very close to it, is the new FRESH GREENISH WEEDY PLANT. Beautiful right? Yes! I said the same thing. Thanks to the gods who planted that, only that I don't know where they saw the seed they planted. lol... But still, I am grateful.

About the Author:
PrinceOla is the best name that suits me but calling me any other fancy names wouldn't kill me though. Aspirant criminologist but free minded by nature, cannactivist by writing. I don't know what connection I have with Pluto but I keep telling people that's where I stay, maybe because of the anonymity world we live in today. I am in still searching for my talent, who knows maybe you can help me find one. Thanks for stopping by!.
A simple heart of love create endless ripple.

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That marijuana wine sounds awesome, I would love to get drunk on some of that, sounds very interesting. I'm glad you and your friends had a good time mate, bong on bro. :-)


Thank you brother, I will one day learn how to do it and post here once I am done. Enjoy Bro. 💝

Wow marijuana wine soon this would hit the universe, and no girlfriend sounds cool, 😉😄


Ah ah! Yeah, it sounds cool 😎.

Happy to hear that you had awesome day. I am sure was a great party as marijuana wine sound so good / Yes you are right, That's the joy.
Have a great weekend my friend.


Yes, MJ wine is so cool. Thanks you bro.