Why I cook my weed...my benefits from dosing with edibles.

9 months ago

I say it a lot, but I buy decarb’d hash from the dispensary and have found that I make my weed last waaaaaayyyyyyy longer when I eat it.

Being someone that has an overindulgent mindset—I have to be a little bit particular about HOW I use my weed. Meaning? Using weed as a positive outlet versus abusing weed which inevitable leads to emotional unmanageability.

When I first started smoking again in April of 2018...it just happened one day. Then again I smoked 2 weeks later. Then a week after that. And than it was daily...and then ALL day long.

Substance use disorders are all about maladjusted coping behaviors and a disease of thoughts. Even with this being weed, it quickly became problematic for me as I soon felt like I couldn’t “get high” no matter how much weed I smoked.

I would burn through 8ths every 2 days when I was buying weed on the street. ($40)

When I started vaping THC carts, a 1 g cart could last me about 5 days. ($70)

And then when I FIRST started getting hash jars, I would use them and HAD to make my edibles like 100mgs each and eat 4-5 a day. Sometimes I would crack the jar and just pinch my way through the hash by eating it directly from the jar and THAT would cause me to eat all 1200mgs in only 2-3 days. ($45).

All the while SWEARING to anyone that would listen that I just couldn’t get high anymore 🤨...da fuk!!!?

Getting to such a desperate place with such a beautiful drug will mess with one’s little head. I had to make a decision...I said to myself “If you cannot find away to chill the fuck out, you don’t deserve zeeeeh pot!”

So I chilled. And I started researching & experimenting. And I started setting small goals for myself.

I worked my way into what I think is my “sweet dosing spot”. This is 15-20mgs every 3-4 hours. I find this low consistent dose, especially during work (I always feel nervous about sharing my work use...gotta keep it real though!) helps me more than any prescription I’ve taken. Ever. It manages multiple symptoms I struggle with daily including:
—pain management

I had to work probably harder than I should to build discipline and avoid “over dosing” because toooooo much works against my weed work goals of focus, calmness, & thinking outside the box...and I enter a goofy then paranoid territory.

I DO like to “MACRODOSE”, for lack of a better word, as well. I still take large doses of edibles, or smoke tree, as a social lubricant since I still maintain my abstinence from alcohol and other “drugs”, and to workout. This is after work hours when I can REALLY relax my mind in the comfort of my home, around my pups, and my man piece 💜

Last night I made some chocolate bars!

NO COOK SUPER SIMPLE SUGAR FREE CHOCOLATE BARS that I got from an online recipe.

Not being a very talented cook or baker, I have to find the SIMPLEST ways to cook my weed, otherwise I fuck it up.

JUST RECENTLY have I built up my skills enough to use 1 jar to make multiple recipes. Baking and measurements are just not my strong suit OK? Haha.

THESE 👇 however I could make!


I added coconut flakes and chia seeds to mine! I also made a second batch with peppermint extract 😋

Next time I will add bananas! I’m 100% certain bananas would have made these chocolate bars the BOMB!


only 4 ingredients

Plus anything you wanna add.


Melt or warm the coconut oil. Add the hash and mix her up!



Once you have your weed base ready, you add sweetener, then the cocoa powered and any additives you want!


Freeze immediately and store in freezer!

600MGS divided by 24 squares = approx 25MGS each.

The chocolate is so versatile! Eat it plan, melt it down!

This morning I’m adding 2 squares to my 32 oz coffee mug! The squares will melt right into my coffee & will be some consistent medicating throughout my Friday work day!


As always here is a video 🤗

If your on YouTube—lets sub each other! I have found a bunch of people from SMOKE.IO on YouTube/weedtube and I’m loving building this place where my weed world and real world collide!

This video has a special song for me. To my gray seal:

Remember how I kept you waiting when it was my turn to be the God?

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Love reading you recipes. A real gourmet canna chef. Been wondering. Have you ever tried making it together with liquir? For instance chocolate liquor that has a low alcohol percentage.


@zuculuz thanks!! More like a wanna be than canna chef but I do give myself A for effort Lololol. I have never put it in a liquor except if I was going to cook it (like with gummies). I wouldn’t take a drink of a liqueur but I would love to experiment! I am moving closer to old friends who enjoy their booze AND their weed here shortly so maybe I’ll have he opportunith to try it out!


The alcohol mostly evaporates when baking. Unless you go 151 proof, or something like Stroh Rum 80%, it will mostly just add flavor. Of course, there will be a flavor conflict with the terpenes.

YESSSS!! 🤤 Now that’s what I’m talking about!!! You gave us the WHY and the HOW - PRICELESS. You even kept it simple for my non-chef brain?! Award winning post potspoon.

You are nominated for Kitchen Jedi Master of the Year Award 2019

I’m not a big fan of chocolate BUT add some cannabis and...


Awwwwwwww shucks!!!! 🥰 Thanks @daddydaycare2x!!!

I’ve noticed a few new cooking posts lately so I’m stoked to learn from what @goldendawne, @sarimanok, @freshdabs, & @indaymers whip up!!!

LOVE the pun bahaha.

Oh Wow! That's awesome one dear @potspoon! You can add bits of sunflower seeds or walnuts next time around. Thanks for sharing us your story dear. I too, am overdosed with antibiotics during my teens due to severe tonsillitis that it's hard for me to go down to lower dosage. In your case, it's good that you've managed to find your way.

Great post. Very authentic.

Do you find your bars melt quick when using coconut oil?


Hi! @skylinebuds! Oh yeah-these bars definitely melt pretty easily. I don’t find that to be an inconvenience though bc I can keep them right in my freezer no problem.


Yeah that is the same thing I do is keep mine in the freezer. i normally melt chocochips

Oh girl does this look amazing. I wonder if we have this here. I haven't seen cooking hash anywhere here. So sharing. LOVE