Weed, Yoga, Chronic Pain

9 months ago

It’s time for #yoga!! I have mentioned before my love for combining weed & yoga but this practice didn’t start all in fun. When I started using cannabis again about a year and a half ago, I was stuck in a pretty dark place.

I started having knee issues. And started gaining weight. The knee pain restricted my activity level which caused weight gain which caused knee pain which further restricted my activity level and that lovely cycle led me to a pretty moderate depression for over 2 years.

I did not have many options to address the pain. They told me to expect knee replacement by the time I was 40. Opiates were tempting but not an option as I was in recovery from a severe substance use disorder and had been for over 6 years. So many areas of my day to day life were affect (working out, self esteem, SEX!, relationship, social engagement to name a few)...it just was a very frustrating time.


Marijuana has helped me address chronic pain and allowed me to regain control of my physical health!

1-3 times a month I take a heavier dose of #edible marijuana (100-120mgs) for pain management and attend a very challenging yoga class that has helped me build the muscles around my knees and loss weight! After gaining increased range of motion in my knees and building muscle through low impact yoga, i have been able to return to weight training & running.

Because of my personal experience and my professional role in the behavioral health field specializing in addiction, I hope to bring awareness of the medical use of marijuana to appropriate recovering addicts in a responsible manner. I had the opportunity to have a few meetings in this last week and once I get more organized I am excited to share my personal milestones towards this goal with you!

I don’t always need marijuana to help my mental and physical resistance anymore but I have come to really enjoy this practice although it is controversial in most yoga.

The controversy is over being “pure” mind and body and marijuana effects that purity. However, the use of “herbs” are discussed many times amongst the ancient hindu scriptures documenting some of the founding ancient yogis consuming marijuana.


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These are the kinds of stories I love to read. Kaneh Bosm (Cannabis) is a powerful healing plant. Up smoked. ... Subscribed to your YouTube channel too.


@offgrid thanks so much for the support! It always feels a little vulnerable putting your story out there but people need to know!

Thanks again!