TRUSTAFARIAN 21% HYBRID. Plus smoke bring people together in DE 🤗

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7 months ago

Recently met someone on SMOKE.IO
@halfbaked from my state. it’s been AWESOME getting know him and “exchanging notes”. He suggested I try...

TRUSTAFARIAN 21% pre-roll

From Fresh Delaware


Suggested for the pain relieving properties, I was more than happy to give it a try...


It’s smelled heavy on the earthy side with a little sour scent in there, this hybrid pre roll DID pack some powerful pain relief.


Unfortunately, not much information available on the dispensary’s website, or other search engines like LEAFLY.COM (below)


These are from FRESH delaware dispensary’s website...


As you can see above and below they highlight exceptional standards but don’t provide the patient with that information?

WEIRD. And to make it worse, I’ve gotten 3 different answers from all 3 different dispensary companies regarding why they do not include terps on their labels. THEEEEENNNNN during a conference call for work what do I find out?????????? That each of these dispensary’s in fact DO get terpene testing data as well as other quality control data but either 1.) don’t know how to interpret it, 2.) are to lazy to.

Not cool delaware MMP. Not cool at all.


I’m still collecting as much data as I can in my releafapp.


Overall rating of 3.8 and SUPER heaving on tingly pain relieving properties. Slight paranoia. Effects set in after about 7 mins and lasted a solid 2-2.5 hours.


Love the notes I can take so I’ll never forget who suggested it .

In closing, I guess I gotta vent the feeling of defeat I feel knowing we “the people” aren’t protecting the integrity of cannabis but sharing all the important information needed to do everything possible to prevent FDA influence. Every time educational and scientific data is kept from the individuals who need it, it is another argument in favor of government controlled regulations.

Right now in Delaware, the way our law is written, DISPENSARIES and the prescribing doctors aren’t permitted to work together or share information. Apparently this was caused but unethical practices that were happening in the Midwest (I have to do more research).

Alls I know is I’m disappointed. The more active I become within the medical marijuana program I am in, the more I feel foolish for the excitement and possibilities I felt when I first started.’s payday and sure enough I’ll be stopping at FIRST STATE COMPASSION for all my medicating needs 👍

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Leafly dropping the ball these days

I personally don't trust Leafly and other sites like that. I have watched negative reviews disappeared as I was reading them. Makes me believe the reviews are bought and paid for. I trust the reviews here a lot more than any other cannabis site as what we post can only be edited up us and can't be deleted.


I agree. I don’t read the reviews as much as the terpene and lineage data. But I am just really learning to be more aware of what I’m smiling. I saw on @goldendawne’s recent post she referenced CANNA SOS so I’m going to check that out too.

Totally trust most also.