She’s crafty, she gets around. She’s crafty, she’s always down (NOT)—Lavender OG & me dealing with social anxiety

6 months ago

The weekend fun (at my house) has ended. I love being social in spurts but ultimately I get drained when I’m around other people too long. I’ve always been told it’s part of my empathic ways but as I get older, I think it’s actually just losing patience.

Either way—I love when people come! And I love when they go....

Today, I’m remembering I’m an adult and that my adult routine will kick back in tomorrow so I better be ready!

There is a BBQ to go to later but I’m up early (7 AM EST) to start straightening up and prepare for YOGA 🧘🏻‍♀️


The sister of Big City Lights, this is a very happy #indica high


This name was given by my dispensary to give tribute to the light purple hues you can see... #nugporn


It has a sweet taste & defintiely gives me the “happy head buzz” & “body high” it advertises


Exactly what I need to forgot all about going back to work tomorrow as well has giving me the pain management I need to participate in a #yoga class this morning.


Marijuana has changed my life dramatically by giving me a way to get more active when my chronic pain issues were really holding me back. (over 80lbs down!)

I have been feeling particularly overwhelmed despite the fun festivities this weekend as Good Time Johnny and I have decided to move downstate.

Great for us! But transitions are SCARY!

My <3 is also heavy for the disorder of my country and the ongoing bullshit


The rain always makes me reflective. I’m sure it’s something sensory related... quiets my thoughts


Our little cabin makes for the BEST raining days...feeing MAJOR separation anxiety from it already, although it is called the COOP for a reason and my family has just outgrown it at this point...

The man, the dogs, the vegetables!



Dramatic High Girl wearing a SMOKE necklace...


*Yoga was a bust. When I got there (about a 15min drive) there were SOOOOO many people and I just couldn’t go onto the studio. It’s been a while since this happened to me and the feeling I get is the start of a panic attack. I left the studio and came home where my life partner made fun of me. But we will be waiting for the rain to break and going on a bike ride instead.

I have used gummies to help with the social anxiety in the past but it has been so long since I felt that overwhelmed.

Oh well...there’s usually another means to the end over here with my Dramatic High Girl problems. And I will find it...* ‍♀️

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Hope you saved enough for a post-BBQ roll 😎🤙


@daddydaycare2x I wish I had some cookies for dessert!!! 🍪 😉 👀