Sending my sister to the sky ✈️ 🇮🇪 & keeping my head on the ground 🧠 🕳

3 months ago

Just got home from a great trip to the beach and dropping my sister off to the airport!

Family is all made up 👏 and we got a lot done.

Marijuana has improved my quality of life in so many ways, but I have to constantly monitor my using habits.

For me, balance is essentially a matter of life and death.

A bit dramatic possibly, but how I truly feel from my heart to yours.

I spent yesterday and today intentionally cutting my marijuana use back and increasing my “spiritual solutions”.

Kindness, mindfulness, presence...

My anxiety has been SO high, I can easily try to force a change and that never works out well for me.

Using just my vap for small discreet hits while at my parents...I took 2 tokes for pain management this morning before a sunrise bike ride with my sister and mom




So proud of my sister!!! Her wanderlust spirit has me tempted to buy a ticket and run away with her!!! We are so different—when I offered her a hit of the pen she said “that would make me have an instant anxiety attack”...


I spent the afternoon driving her and stayed sober minded to be as helpful to her as possible as she is excited but obviously anxious herself!

Back home now watch the Philadelphia Eagles game and going to reward myself with some #edibles 😋

The missing piece! 2 pieces = 50mgs 👌


And for your viewing pleasure should you so choose ✌️

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Awesome video.... I love that beach.... you definitely should submit your videos to Hideout.Tv....


Thanks! I’ll check it out for sure!

So cool <3