OR — 22% by Tikun Olam

8 months ago

OR, meaning “Light” in Hebrew

70/30 Indica dom


This Israeli strain is producing my the company Tikan Olam and is available at my dispensary

“Tikun Olam was formed in the heart of Israel, as a philanthropic organization on a mission to Repair the World through cannabis.”



earthy, citrus


TERPENES ~ from Tikun Olam

Alpha-Pinene 32%
Beta-Myrcene 22%
Beta-Pinene 20%
Alpha-Humulene. 12%
Beta-Carophyllene. 10%
Other 4%



relaxing, tranquil, couch lock

the couch lock is a little to strong for me with this strain. I used to get it more often because it actually helps my respiratory system. Really helps my winter sinus pressure. Use at night only.*



Appetite, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, Pain & Inflammation, Parkinson's Disease, and PTSD.





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Great review! I’m so glad you mentioned that cannabis can aid with decongestion and respiratory function..I thought I was imagining it 🤣 I have noticed relief from certain strains but I’m unsure which of them helped... I blame the salads haha.

I actually ran out of flower this week and I’m waiting for a good deal to pop up, so I’ve been smoking Salad mix Kief and homemade hash. Saved Kief from every strain I’ve had the past few months.

Keep sharing all these strains so I can bamboozle my dispensary into carrying them 😄👍


Yes @daddydaycare2x!! I definitely get some help with decongestion and, of course, pressure.

I have a salad for tomorrow I hope I can post! Final day of moving and there’s been MAJOR procrastination. Oops.

I pay attention to you strains and mention ones I wanna try to my dispensary too!!!!! I figure since we are neighbors and all 😉

That is the downside of the blackmarket the choices are what ever the dealer has, envy everyone who lives in a legal market and can access cannabis legally. I am growing my own currently and have 4 different strains and a 5th I am currently attempting to germinate. Just to have some choices besides what ever the local dealer has and to be able to control my tincture with using the same strain to make it.


Honestly I’ve wasted the last year on the dispensary sucking on vap pens and relying on edibles only. I have really concentrated on trying to get to know these strains available to me and all it’s done is make me want to grow my own.

I am definitely lucky with the amount of anecdotal research I can collect for my own wellness for sure! My new location has an area that I think will be perfect for discreet small grows. I’m a forever renter but my landlord is oversees. There is a detached shed so I’m really excited about the next possibilities.

Even if my state passes the recreational marijuana bill in 2020, home grows aren’t part of that bill. We are a super money hungry state.

2020 and people still can’t see clearly!


I won’t cry about someone taking self responsibility and working for their own benefit! 🤣 Regardless of the laws people create... They sell heroin, so we should think for ourselves..LOL

I grew weed for the first time with a friend of mine who is now a state police officer. His sisters are lawyers and he doesn’t AF about weed, job or not. He know he can grow weed and make money all day and night. It’s about doing what we feel good about. Hard to feel good about killing communities with legal drugs tho.

No harm in self sufficiency unless you’re a consumer reliant business model. It stunts progress and leaves plenty money on the table...that will be realized and your state and mine will realize they’ve been late to the party. The $$$$ from consumable grow materials is HUGE and these fools in office don’t have a goddamn clue what they are missing out on. 😂😂 ENJOY that new space and make the most of it for you and yours!

great review ! i also want to try this

Nice! I've always been interested in knowing if the middle east has any more specific strains.

And like someone else stated, I have noticed that I have been almost allergy symptom free all year long. That is, after incorporating CBD flower into my THC flower. I, too was thinking that it was maybe in my imagination but I have noticed that it's been helping my nose not be stuffy all year long. lol


Hi! @asasai!!! I have been thinking about you lately! Glad to hear from you ❤️