Okie dokie afternoon smokie

10 months ago




TIME: 4:30 pm
Rainy day here in DE—relying on my handy dandy basic dispensary Sativa 🛒tank 🛒.

There isn’t a lot of variety of tanks here in the Delaware dispensaries. We got #indica and we got #sativa. That’s it. I’m grateful for my new found drive and courage to join SMOKE.IO and learn, learn, learn.

They regulate these carts pretty annoyingly...we have to use #jupiter batteries. I’m sure smarter people than I have found ways to customize their tanks, but I’m a simple girl so I buy the tanks and replace the batteries at the dispensary every time they break.

I appreciate dispensaries, don’t get me wrong, but I dream of the day Delaware allows personal plants. I am currently mentally preparing to plant my first rogue seeds...I’m looking for #grapefruitstrainseeds for personal reasons. This has been sensoryoverload with the learning so far. Thanks!

We are expecting heavy storms this evening so the entire family is getting ready to bundle up—including the garden vegetables! 🍆


💦 💦 💦



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Lol I whip my hair back and forth 🎵


💯 exactly

4:30 is the time

Cool gifs, well done.