📦 🧙‍♂️ More SMOKE.IO MAGICAL MAIL & the rest of my lavender OG—I got the good angles this time & showed her purps off!

6 months ago

Came home to yet another package from @tecnosgirl and couldn’t be more thrilled to show it off along with another smoke sesh with:



This shot glass is top notch!!! CHECK HER OUT! Super stoked to have some original SMOKE.IO merch early in the game.

If you haven’t entered one of @tecnosgirl’s contests you should ASAP!

@tecnosgirl AKA #queenofsmoke 👑🌬.

👏 and there’s still time to enter this weeks contest:



Now back to the tree 👏


Lavender OG is a name based mostly on its color & OG lineage but the dispensary does not give more information about what specific strains created it 😢

#indica dominant.

It’s sister is BIG CITY LIGHTS which I’ve posted before and am sure I will again


ITS FULL OF STANK! A really smelly strain..

Taste is rich and fruity—but bitter.

Burns smooth and hits smoother.

My effects are uplifting and, as always, pain reducing.

This strain is hard on my short term memory though 🙈


LAVENDER speaks to its lighter purple hues


Which I...


...made sure to capture in this #nugporn this time!! 👏🤣😒


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Note to self when on the East Coast stop to visit potspoon. lol that looks fire


Omg! I would love that! But your shot glass is fire too!!!

I had friends over last weekend and they peeped the weed book and wanted in on reading and signing it sooooo bad so I told them to go on SMOKE.IO for a chance to get it! Haha

But then, feeling bad that’s I was so exclusive, I went to their house last night and told them this shot glass can live there since they are drinkers but they have to tell everyone they drink it with how they got it and about SMOKE.IO 👏


I use shot glasses for taking shots of Noni Juice as that crap is nasty but is so good for the body. But I am not a drinker either so I get it, glad it has a home where it will be used, and hopefully we gain a few new users here because of it.


I hope so too!!

It look so yummy. I wish I could have a bite.


👏 thanks! I wish I could give you one! 🤣

Holy smokes. Look at those purple spots. Beautiful.


@zuculuz I know! 📸 its all about the angles lol

I've heard of lavender lots of times but never got my hands on any.


@chronic that’s for dropping a line! I hope you do one day! It’s a nice treat. I was forgetting stuff a little too easily for my liking though lol. It’s a good strain to add to a Sativa for a little mixed vibe 🍸 ✌️