Monday RUN-day with a bowl of Blueberry Indica

11 months ago

This Blueberry #indica strain is turning out to be a great find!


I get so much body relief—it’s like I’m floating. A nice indica hug!!! But my mind stays pretty clear!! With a kiss from #sativa giving me focus. Combined a true feeling of “long lasting euphoria” that tempted me to get it in the first place!

1 #nugporn


It’s keeping my house STANKY! I smoked a few hours before my “mother in law” stopped by unexpectedly and got a little paranoid as the rich fruity, earthy scent of mother nature’s gift CANNABIS was RIPE!!

She hung outside though


Now I’m gonna talk more weed and exercise cause the two kinda go hand in hand for me 👏

I use weed to help me make sustainable behavioral changes that improve my chronic pain condition and improve my quality of life.

I have lost over 80lbs incorporating weed and weight loss plans.

Weed has been an aid in combatting my depression & anxiety

Today I ran after smoking a generous bowl of sweet blueberry #indica






If you wanna see me explain some common sense stuff as theatrically as possible, here’s a video 🎥 —with random shit underlined 🖊 , and background music 🎶

If you watch, like and subscribe? 🙏 🍿

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Blueberry's a good one, i've only had outdoor grown of it though, i'll have to look for some kind blueberry buds like those.

Lucky you! This is one of my top 3 strains. Enjoy

Gotta love that blueberry!

You are so beautiful dear and I like how you did it.


@lawlai thanks so much! 💜

Great trichome shot! 😋 Blueberry makes me super hungry, but incredible how you use it to make you proactive. 💯👍 Keep it lit like always. 👌


That looks amazing! Blueberry, huh? Girl, you should get yourself a vape to fully taste all that amazing-looking flower! ;)


I’m saving up! I’ve had my eye on a few but can’t commit to which one I want 🙈


Do you have any suggestions @asasai?


Hey! Sorry for the late reply! But, I can't recommend any other vapes but the one I own and have experience with. I have two MV1's by Ghost Vapes. It is pricey, yes. And would I have said that it wasn't worth it when they first released it? No, it was so finicky and it would work when it wanted to! It was so stressful at first, but I stuck with it and believed they would fix the issues(I then learned to never buy a vape that has barely launched as you're basically a beta tester for when they first come out). And they did fix the issues! I have been using the MV1 for two years now. I have gone through two replacement units but their customer service is second to none! They have replaced both my units fairly quickly(on the first one it was the OG unit I had from them that just didn't perform well and the second unit the latch broke so the door would not close).
So after firmware updates, heat sink assembly improved, and now a non-glass mouthpiece it works amazingly!
There is a learning curve as you have to take 15 second draws. I personally don't even have to wait until the 15 seconds, I usually stop at around 8-10 seconds because I can feel the vapor building up in the back of my throat. Whether you like it or not is all up to you if you try it out. I would recommend going to Planet of the Vapes(.com) and reading reviews from the website as well as from customers to get an idea of what kind of vape you would like. :)


Omg!!! Thank you so much!! This was so informative! I hope to have the money saved in the next 6 months. I will definitely go to the site!!! And I will let you know!