Introducing Strawnana Diesel 🍓 🍌 ...and a trip to the dispensary that was even better than the high 🥰

6 months ago

I took a random trip to the dispensary today...#FSC
...feeling a little manic with some changes in my home life.

Family and boundaries and the #life grind.

I ran into an old friend who works at the dispensary...

Danny 💚

He’s knowledgeable and I trust him but I haven’t seen him behind the counter in the while. I heard he was in the way back to #grow, or “flirting with the ladies” as he says...

Low and behold my #1 “budtender” had gone and grown a brand new strain for me to try!

A nice surprise with some fruit on top! 😉



Strawberry x Banana Diesel
...can’t pronounce strawnana diesel but sure tried 🤣💀


say it with me...


I had to step out on the true love of my life @indica for this Sativa dominant strain...




Advertised to help treat:
✅ depression
✅ anxiety
✅ pain

💥 yes 💥 Yes! 💥 YES!! 💥
(in my herbal essence commercial voice)

Definitely gave me the uplift I needed for these 🐫 day blues...
too many work meetings
unexpected car repairs


Strain has a citrus finish and the high is super mellow 🥴
Catching the happiness I like in my head and body—I feel the relaxation, quiet thoughts, and relief in my arms and legs 🤗

Here’s this lovely taste bomb bud with some flash 💡

And by candle light
... for a real #nugporn feel

UPDATE: (1hr later)
Maaaaaajor munchies with this strain.
Ladies it might be the period munchies really but I’m up to 2 bowls of Mac and cheese, 1 hot pocket, and a pint of Oreo ice cream

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Being someone who loves Sativas over indicas lately this sounds like quite the treat.


@zuculuz Yes...I need breaks from indica for that head de hazing myself from time to time

Some fresh Sativa sure is great when ‘life happens’ and all you need is a little clarity! It looks like a winner, winner chicken dinner to me! Love the review and hope to see this strain wander into a dispensary near me one day.


@daddydaycare2x hi! Yes—It is a winner for sure. I hope it finds its way to you as well...or if you ever find your way to DE 👍

I need some of that mac and cheese yes please ;)