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The birth of PotSpoon came after my boyfriend sent me this Fox News bullshit meme :

1️⃣ week since I have been on SMOKE.IO and I’ve fallen hard...

I have a lot to learn and catch up on, and can’t say thank you enough for the support and direction I’ve gotten! I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this!!

I am a medical marijuana card holder and am specifically advocating for the use of marijuana in the behavioral health care system in the state of DE. I fully support the legalization of marijuana but I also believe in the responsible use of marijuana from persons and professionals. While the research is still minimal, they have published information that is not even considered “empirically based” yet, and therefore, traditional medications and behavioral interventions are relied on.

I obtained my medical marijuana card during a scary time in my life after 6 years “clean” and as a felon. While addiction and menace to society hadn’t really applied to me in some time, I still felt like I needed some more resources. I just want people like me to not feel like me. Here is my story.

Educate not regulate.

Today at work...


This picture was taken by a coworker after a joke as an attempt to end yet another tireless rant of mine...

I work in the behavioral health system. I am in recovery from a severe substance use disorder for over 7 years, and I’m fed the fuck up!!

What’s severe substance use disorder?

—IV drug use

I spent over 18 mos of my life being “programmed” and refrained from all mind altering substance for over 6 years working a program of abstinence.

All the miraculous happenings typically shared in recovery stories happened to me, but life also continued and my mind and body changed. I needed some additional support for my physical and mental but was stuck in a program where I believed if I used a mind altering drugs again I would eventually “pay the ultimately price” and I would die. In spirit first, but then very literally.

I was faced with some decisions though and the professional help I sought did not do much. I underwent surgery for my knees and then they start offering opiates. I went to therapy for my mind and then they started offering me SSRIs and mood stabilizers. I, unfortunately, had scared the shit out of my family so many times—I just could think outside the box with them. And my social circle was built of all “recovering addicts” committed to NA/AA principles.

I took a chance. It was mine. It was personal. And I am lucky. I started smoking weed. I didn’t tell anyone...And I felt alone.

Professionally-I spent the last THREE YEARS working at a methadone clinic. Once in a leadership position, I fiercely advocated for behavioral healthcare professionals to educate themselves on less harmful approaches to treatment. I wrote sooooo so so so many proposals and calls to action. At the clinic I had DIRECT CONTACT with over 70 clients a day. We completed medical marijuana applications and worked smoking weed into treatment the record. People got off dope. People got off methadone.

The injustices when treating addiction are endless, but what was most frustrating to me was that Individuals who stayed on methadone even when clean off heroin or cocaine for 10+ years were not eligible for any additional privileges if they gave us marijuana positive drug screen results. Individuals who continued using heroin and cocaine could continue getting methadone for up to 2 years.

Honestly, I can’t even begin to get into all that’s wrong...

I thought there was some hope when the medical director responded to my last request—to remove marijuana from the testing panel as there were no federally regulated laws demanding marijuana be tested for in legalized states. But no go. He responded that as long as marijuana was federally regulated he would remain a dickless, spineless, GREEDY MEDICAL DIRECTOR of the largest medication assisted program in my fucking state!!!!!!


So I quit that job. It was heartbreaking cuz the people...but I quit because what I learned was that I was part of a sick system responsible for helping some of the SICKEST individuals. I needed to learn more. I switched from non profit outpatient to a for profit psychiatric inpatient and I’ll just go ahead and refer back to the picture taken today...during a rant... because of another corrupt organization. There is no concept of quality of care or harm reduction or comprehensive treatment or care coordination or continuum of care. Gabepentin, cymbalta, seroquel, vraylar, Zoloft...are amongst the MOST prescribed medications. Please know that I fully support the use of these medications when needed but I DON’T BELIEVE IN COOKIE CUTTER MEDICATION REGIMENS.

To make it even a little more personal—The medical director at my new job, in fact, prescribed one of my truest loves in life a new SSRI that had extremely adverse side effects. It took over 6 mos for him to feel himself again and weed saved him after he refused to smoke it for a little...

What keeps me going? I joined a private practice about 2 mos ago and have slowly but surely been able to build a resource for individuals seeking alternative approaches to recovery.

For me, just trying to be an ant in my anthill of life—This is a start and that is enough.

Almost 2 years since being re-introduced to the love and power of cannabis I am thriving! I have gained confidence and a more complete concept of myself. I went through ups and downs of using too much weed and then depriving myself. And really having to explore the differences between use and abuse as it applies to myself and myself alone.

The war on drugs is an internal one. Mindfulness is key for me.

Thanks to all who read! I’m looking forward to growing together!

Peace, love, no hard drugs.

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Welcome, it's nice to learn more about you and find some new advocates who fight the real fight, the good fight for legalization. It's a sad world we live in where the directors and heads of health institutes ignore one of the most powerful medication in the world. One that would probably bring and end to many problems. Not just medical problems. Trough out the almost 100 years since all this started we have all been fighting trough out generations for our right. Not just in the cannabis and medical business which is one of the most prominent fights in today's society. It's just a matter of time untill all countries around the world accept cannabis for what it truly is, as the potential it shows in helping us all in veroius industries and forms. People aren't stupid. In Berlin in Germany (where every year for the past 2 years Marry Jane Cannabis Expo has been hosted) police doesn't even react to cannabis anymore. They don't touch you if you don't have large quantities of them. Everything under 5g is non happening to them.they have bigger problems with harder drugs like cocain, ecstazy and such. So cannabis is "basically" legal there. My point being that people aren't stupid. I bet you 80% of the world population that is aware about the existence of cannabis are aware that its harmless. My own mother who was always against it and all, knows it's not heroin or some shit like that. I talked to her about it and told her I smoke. I never did smoke next to her out of respect but she is aware of it, so are my grandma and my father. My dad actually did smoke with me ND my best friend once 2 years ago on new years. But it's not for him as he says. It just makes him fall asleep. Something he can do on his own in one second of being in bed anyway. So it's of no real use to him personally. But he is accepting and tolerant. Even if he was raised in a shitty time where people stigmatized cannabis together with heroin. It was just that kind of time and generation. He lost many friends to hard core drugs so he was against it like most people of that time, but he is extremly intelligent so that kind of mindset didn't last long as both me and my Brother @psyceratopsb are both smokers since teen years. He earlier then I. But we both forced it probably from early childhood. I remeber once I hanged a paper with cannabis leafes printed all around it. Being a kid I wasn't even full aware of what it was. Of course I had to take it down. Now many years later I realize my mom probably yelled at me for that because it's illigal. Not because it was dangerous. Maybe she did think that then but now doesn't. People learn but they need to be educated in the right way. Not by yelling at them "cannabis is safer then even coffee". People need to be sit down and have everything explained to them and questions answered with careful choosing of words and actions. If you advocate for cannabis don't be one of those stone dead couch potato smokers. Noone wants to hear how it's beneficial from Someone who aint doing shit for their life and who cannabis might actually be dragging down. Not saying you are like that spoon. Just giving example.
Just keep on fighting the good fight. One day it will be our win completly. I'm sure. Maybe not our Gen but one or 2 gens after us defently. We have to mow down the thorns for the next Gen of fighters to have it easier.


@zuculuz Thanks so much for sharing!!! I absolutely feel everything you are saying!!!

Here are some random stats lol from

I know it’s just the US but still...

Sixty-three percent of Americans say that marijuana should be legal nationwide.

Marist/NPR/PBS July 2019 Poll
Sixty-three percent of US adults believe that it is a “good idea” to “legalize marijuana nationwide."

Axios/Survey Monkey June 2019 Poll
Sixty-three percent of US adults support "legalizing the recreational use of marijuana on a national level” and 87 percent of respondents support "allowing adults to legally use marijuana for medical purposes” if their doctor authorizes it.

PSB/Buzzfeed Poll (April 2019)
Sixty percent of Americans support federal legislation that would tax and regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol.

General Social Survey: March 2019 Poll
Sixty-one percent of Americans, including majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, support the legalization of marijuana for adults.

Rasmussen: March 2019 Poll
Fifty-four percent of likely US voters favor the legalization of marijuana nationwide.

Quinnipiac University: March 2019 Poll
Sixty percent of Americans say "the use of marijuana should be made legal” nationwide, and 63 percent support erasing criminal records for past marijuana possession crimes.


Welcome, glad you found your way here, you've fit right in amongst the regulars! Looking forwards to your future content, this is great work 👍