HOMEMADE BUTTERMILK WEED MINTS! More for your dispensary money!

10 months ago


My dispensary sells “MINTS”:

$50 for 50 mints at 5mgs each = 250mgs

1 jar of cooking hash for $45 = 1200mgs

$45 dollars for 1200mgs + dramatic high girl rocking out to Miss World in a shotty video =


Cooking hash from the dispensary comes decarb’d—I just add it to whatever fatty component my recipe calls for. Here it it 2oz of unsalted butter...

Here I added 600MGS of my 1200mg jar...


Mixed it on medium for 3-5 mins till it’s smoooooooooooooth 👀


This recipe is capable of making up to 75 mints!

I added yellow dye which...didn’t really do anything at all


They aren’t pretty but they will do the job!!! I ended up with only 27 at approx 23 mgs each. You can see that they are different sizes but all have the same end goal 👏

I’ll eat the bigger ones 1/2 at a time for when I need a little microdosing help.

I’ll it 2-3 of the same size mints for macro dosing pain management support.

And I still have another 600MGS for more recipes!! (Adding it to my honey for endless possibilities!)

They sit out overnight making their shell hard but their middle creamy buttermilk with peppermint flavoring!!


Final “cost” = 27 “mints” 23mg each $22.50 and that’s with almost 3x’s as much total THC

Perfect for Tuesday yoga pain management dosing.


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May have to experiment, I have plenty of ABV (already been vaped) buds that I usually just mix into chocolate (lazily) and toss in the fridge. I’d like to get a bit more creative 😆

I’ll have to definitely try your recipe once I fill this jar back up!


Do it! As you can see, I’m still lazy with it (those mints aren’t looking too cute! 👀) but I definitely like to mix things up. And can’t follow anything complicated. Everything I do is the short cut version hahaha


That ABV hits harder than expected in edibles sometimes!


It really does! Some real creeper.
I mix it into melted chocolate and freeze it. I learned to not eat them in the morning 🤣🤣🤣 unless u need a nice 12 hr nap

Seems fairly easy I may give it a try. My gf doesn't like mint otherwise I'd already be leaving to make them lol.


@armshippie I got peppermint flavor but there’s also orange and lemon at most places! Any flavoring works! Let me know if you try it and how it works out!

You might find it cheaper to decarboxylation the cannabis yourself. It takes 45 minutes to decarbox your cannabis. I only say that because everything seems to be more expensive in dispensaries. Also with edibles you can use a lower quality of cannabis because you after the process you won't notice if you are using a higher THC strain or a lower one.

1200 MG is only 1.2 grams that seems expensive to me at $45 as 5 grams of flower would make more edibles and should be cheaper.


I hear ya!!! I actually don’t know how to safely by cannabis outside the dispensary. I life in a rough city and wouldn’t trust street weed, unfortunately 😢. Not from any of the cats I know—so that just leaves dispensary weed for now which is crazy expensive. $15 a gram, $50 and 8th, $90 a quarter.

I’m moving to a more rural area in the next 60 days where I hope to find a location to start a plant!!! 🙏 🌱

THEN!! Yes! I will decarb my own!


It is still cheaper to do with flower you buy from the dispensary. As you only bought 1.5 grams decarbox but for $5 more you could get 2 grams more. So you could decarbox half and smoke the other half.
Grind your cannabis after weighing out the proper amount and bake at 245 for 45 minutes. Then add to recipes.


we get high with a little help from our friends 😉. The whole decarb’d jar is 3oz I just used 1/2 for the month butter balls here I made here Lolol but I would like to start everything with flower and just couldn’t wrap my head around the math (and I can be lazy). The flower and edibles have really become my true loves though where as before I did tinctures and vap pen mostly. You can bet the full moon I’ll be debarbing in the next month or so!


I got confused as you said you bought 1200 mg and when you do the math that is only 1.2 grams. Sometimes these companies are doing some shady shit. I recently had a defective cart from a legal market and I have the equipment to take from a defective cart and put it in a good one. It was supposed to be a 1 gram cart and it only had .5 grams in it. We need better regulations in legal markets because the shit they are doing is ripping people off as they say one thing but in reality the weighed amount might be different than what is on the package. But if the package says it is 1200 mg and they told you it is 3 oz they are lying or misinformed. I will go with the benefit of the doubt and say they just don't know the conversion math of that. Unless what you meant is the recommendation on the package is to use 1200 mg and you only used 600 mg.

That looks tasty!
The only thing I have made is canna-tea. From ABV. I've been wanting to make brownies or SOMETHING. lol
Thing is I have been lazy about how exactly to calculate the dosage of ABV. I have made that tea several times and oh man has it messed me up before! Hahah

whoah! There you are with your creative work. Your recipe copied though I don't know how to measure the raw leaves with that proportion.


Hi! 🥰. I’m lucky to get product from my dispensary that’s is already prepped and ready for cooking (cooking hash). There are different ways to prepare your cannabis.

Thanks for sharing