Holy tree & Guacamole!! A little after run recovery treat 😋

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9 months ago

If you seen any of my other posts, you might know that I’m into weed and weight loss. This is a fun recovery treat I give myself...I trained hard these last couple days so I want a good night sleep 💤

I weighed out the dose amount of decarbed hash (70mgs) on a kitchen scale and dumb that goodness into some pre made guacamole. The hash mixes with the natural fats in the guacamole and viola!


We ran today which is always a little tough in my chronic knee condition but something I REALLY enjoy...


Not as much as these chips and dip! I’m actively ignoring the news Good Time Johnny makes me watch because my politic game is weeeeaaak...

Spending the resting night watching The Boys on PRIME. Check it out—superhero corruption, childhood fun meets cruel harsh reality for my viewing pleasure ✈️


More about my story...any support is appreciated so like and subscribe if you feel so inclined! I just started making these videos to hopefully connect with people who may have a history of substance use issues or individuals who wanna learn how they can smoke weed and lose weight ‍♀️

People aren’t aware of how much cannabis and all it various compounds can support individual their needs. This will change!


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Looks like good munchies 👍



@prettynicevideo swear to god I neveer noticed before! I now know we are under a very popular flight path out of Philadelphia airport and plans literally fly by ever 1min 15secs. 🤦🏻‍♀️