Bumping Uglies

6 months ago

You got a face like morning but your soul’s as black as night 🎵

The birds in this pic—looking free AF!!


Great night at the beach!! Met up with a friend. She doesn’t smoke but doesn’t judge. I doubled up on my typical cookie dose to get a little loose before going out...


I don’t drink. So I’m always the DD. These I made Friday with the cooking hash I got and come out to about 44 mgs each....I ate one as we left and it set it at just the right time—on the dance floor


We went in town to see #BUMPINGUGLIES


—a band out of Maryland that’s pretty fun here on the east coast of USA.


For a little reggae vibe


DEWEY AWAYS WINS so it was a late night for all that ended with a taco stand. The good part about not drinking is I’m up at 6 am for some V8, Mr. Jup, and sunrise...


The vap really makes for the easiest way to smoke with discretion. I sat on the beach for some time with Fat Girl breathing in and out with the waves. Quitting my selfish internal narrative that focuses mostly on how I feel about anything—me me me me me. And allowing the thoughts that are suppose to be heard to rise to the surface.

This visit is not only for fun and relaxation. Today we have meetings...with 3 “marijuana doctors”. Meaning doctors in the area that are known to prescribe medical marijuana. For $200 a signature following a 15 min visit. greed. PotSpoon is making moves...


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Looks like you had a lot of fun! Need some of those cookies tho


I’m going to bite right off your name and start calling all the edibles I make @moodballs.


...and weedballs are my new name for nugs 🤣🤣


So so awesome, heck yeah have a wonderful day cheers