20 year old bong + Critical Bilbo

6 months ago

Today is Thursday—ran to the dispensary on lunch. Had to bring some gummies I made for the security guard there because #kindnessmatters...


I got my cart, cooking hash, and some....


This batch is listed as 22% THCA.


I have really been having a love affair with #indica this week. The days have been offbeat and my anxiety has been high. Some might blame the full #aquarius moon tonight!! Take a second to look up and think of me ♒️ 😉

A couple months back my boyfriend and I came across this gem in his mom’s basement. His 16 year old bong that had once been confiscated had found its way back!! 5:00 PM and it’s finally time to indulge...


Quick clean (with minimal effort) and I get to enjoy a blast from the past with quality tree 🥴

The high is most enjoyable. The technical review you can read above but they way I feel at the moment is a calm fog and deep relaxation. I always dose hard before cardio workouts and this has me relaxed enough to push through the mental resistance I’m feeling and move my body!!!

NOTE: I asked the dispensary what strain they used for the cooking hash this time and I’m always frustrated at the lack of knowledge...all the more reason I dream of the day to #grow without worry. Growers know their plant. Allowing personal plants would allow individuals more control of their medication or recreation. Just saying...


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That's awesome

Good afternoon, I really liked your article and design. Cool.


Thanks! I powered up FINALLY so I feel privileged to offer ANY smoke even if it’s only 0.01 for the first time ever to you @aleksandr!!