Alien Jack 33% & Chocolate Milk

10 months ago

Alien Jack. My love!!


Girls trip to do basic household shopping! Paper towels, toilet paper, etc...and we are fucking happy about it!


At 33% this strain never ever ever disappoints! And packs a heavy punch!

A surprisingly Sativa dominant stain—I get the more intensive high without the loss of motivation.

Read the dispensary advertisement here.


Made from:

Alien OG & Chemdawg #4 (mixed with Jack Herer)


She’s bright!!!! She’s sticky!!! And she smells


Throw a couple buds in the grinder to get her prepped!


Got a new dress for her—some
juicy Jay’s milk chocolate 😋 👅 🍫



Omg omg almost ready to get dressed!


She said she needs a little make up...DRY ICE HASH—37%


I got that highlighter that’s gonna make her features SHINE!!


Holy hell shes looking good 📸 💃🏻

...and here comes her date ‍♂️


Give her some fuel so she gets LIT!


And now it’s my turn!


I’d say we had a good trip!!


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Ooohhhh yea, turn it all the way up, it’s Saturday somewhere..LOL that Alien Jack looks critical!

And the there was Ice Hash 🤩
Saturday Salad Roast! Enjoy every bit of that @potspoon!
I supposed to be packing for the trip but instead I’m on marveling at nugs 🤣🤣 In my defense tho, the word “PROcrastinate” sounds like a positive thing. Otherwise it would be ANTIcrastinate, right? 🤔


I definitely enjoyed it!!!!! You better get to packing! Although my best work comes when I cram—always. A habit I developed in college lol.

And I’m in the same boat as I’m suppose to be packing my house to move!! Today I’ll chill with some eddies so I don’t forget what I started though and actually get some stuff done! And I’m starting with my partner’a sword collection?!! Boys and their toys...

Enjoy your trip!!!!!!! Safe travels!

Wooh! that's some stuffs you got in gurl...take your time and enjoy with your lovie dovie. More puffs to you!


Hi @sarimanok! Hope you are enjoying your day!

Looks really delicious with the combination of juicy jack milk chocolate ...enjoy your day gurl☘️☘️☘️

That Alien Jack looks like some fire!!
I like the trippy gifs! :D