what are you doing and are you testing hahahahaha

3 months ago

In these days we have put @luismy and a server a couple of mushrooms loaves to grow, for me a surprise, that had never put this to germinate, this kind of life, they are going very well, I hope to show you more of this that you do not see as they go ....... jajajajaja to my surprise you do not see how many psilocybin, they look very blue, that of silocibins has a mushroom so chichitina! I'm looking forward to trying out those beautiful and little setitas.

  • Aver I have two varieties, MEJICAN AND PANAMERICANA.
  • I'll tell you which of the two are the most powerful.

These are the "Pan-American".

Lanz línea 200px.jpg

  • I hope you like them and they are to your liking.
  • The photos were captured by me, with mobile aquaris M5.
  • Thanks for visiting and a great greeting for the readers of smoke.

#grow # legalize #health #smoking

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