Woohoo..... I hit the Magic # 42.0 on Smoke.io .... I can now Retire

11 months ago


It took me forever to go from 41.0 to 42.0 Reputation here on Smoke.io

I want to stay at 42.0 so I will now have to move to quiet Curation.

Early Retirement..... We will see how long that will last eh.

I just need to get to 420 Followers


#Weed #cannabis #smoke #crypto #retirement #reputation

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Nice, I just realized Offgrid could also mean OG. :D



Yes..... I changed my Twitter name from Off-Grid to OG kaneh Bosm... but the username is still Offgrid..... the Original (OG) Cannabis (Kanabosm) grown by Moses.... in Nature without pesticides..... Also Off Grid. Original or Original Gangsta or Ocean Grown (OG) , or Offgrid (OG) ,... it’s all the same. .... oldest Ganga.... OG ... still a Great Mystery.

Congratulations to us! I also have this rep today. Cheers!

Is it possible to reach rep 420 or is it capped at 100? 🤔😂

Congrats on the dank rep 👏


Thanks man. ....

I will reach the 420 reputation!! 💪💪 😂