Who wants to help grow Hemp on Cape Breton Island ?

2 months ago

They are still offering Free Land and a Job at the Farmer’s Daughter Country Market on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.

It is now open to a International applications....

I am thinking of sending them a proposal to start growing Hemp on their Farm.... anyone else interested ?If they like your ideas they give you 2 acres of Land and a job at their Farmer’s Market ...

Update from the Farmer's Daughter Country Market November 2019:

"Three years ago we posted an offer to come work for us and you would also receive free land. The response we got and continue to receive from this post has been amazing. Here is an update:

  • This is an ongoing recruitment and we continue to draw from the applicants that emailed us.
  • We have had successful applicants that continue to work for us.
  • Some successful applicants are no longer working for The Farmer’s Daughter but continue to work and live on our beautiful island.
  • A couple of of our hires have left our store and our Island as our pace of life was a bit to slow for them.
  • With the Atlantic Immigration Pilot there is now a possibility to hire international applicants.
  • We have received over 400000 inquiries, and it has been impossible to respond to them all. I’d love to hire everyone but I cannot. However there are other employment opportunities, business opportunities, investment opportunities, and affordable post secondary education for both Canadian and international students. It’s a great place to visit too! Because of the success of our offer, we partnered with The Cape Breton Partnership and they created a website to help make these opportunities more accessible to all of you and to help answer your questions. I encourage you to visit the website, download the ebook and hopefully I will be seeing you soon on our gem of an Island we call Cape Breton" ------ https://welcometocapebreton.ca

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Isn't Nova Scotia in Canada? That's why no one will go.. nobody wants to freeze their balls off 24/7 🤣😂


Yeah .... that's True.

400k inquiries?! wow that's awesome!

..cool Information, man..if just the Winter wouldn’t be soo Long...anyway, will visit the site, thank you.. up..resmoked..