The next 90 Days in Isolation ... Getting stoned, watching Star Wars, making art

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3 months ago

This is how I will spend the next 90 days....

  1. Getting Stoned
  2. Watching Star Wars
  3. Making Art

How about you ?

This is a new watercolour Timelapse video from yesterday ...
Do you remember this scene in Star Wars IV A New Hope when the Jawas kidnap R2D2 ?

The Jawas were all stoned man.

Painting and video by me. Music from the Youtube Free Copyright Free Music Library.
Timelapse created with the Timelapse feature on my iPod.

Make some videos and find some Awesome Free Music to add.

Stay creative people.

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We are not in isolation yet here but I plan to use the time to create another front end so when things are not working right here we still have a way to access the blockchain. So far I been busy and haven't had the time to even start it, though I had planned to do it this week.


That’s a great idea 👍... we need one.


What will it be called ?


I am not sure yet thinking maybe burnout or burntout IDk haven't decided yet, like I said people have had me busy this week, and I am hoping I don't get sick.

I recommend also "the mandalorian"


Watching that also


Let me know if you enjoyed it 😊


Will need to get Disney + unless I can find some on YouTube.

@Grooting Vid and Music:D


Awesome. Me too.