My @offgrid plan to grow High CBD Plants to create Free Seeds for the World.

5 months ago

This is my Plan..... FREE SEEDS FOR THE WORLD Project

I am here on and Twitter.... growing my 4 high CBD Cannabis plants..

1 Male and 3 Female.

I am growing them so that the Male will pollinate the 3 Female plants and produce Billions and Billions of High CBD seeds ,... Seeds that I can give out for Free so that anyone who needs High CBD Medicine to heal themselves of any illness can plant their own CBD Cannabis and make their own edibles, tea, oil, Cannabutter etc... for Free.

Good idea ? Anyone else want to join me ?

Heal the world of all Stress, Anxiety, arthritis, pain, suffering etc etc ?

I believe it’s a noble cause.. Not to get rich but to heal people ?




#seeds #free #cbd #seedlings

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It's a good idea for sure!


If we could get everyone to do this then everyone, EVERYONE could grow their own Cannabis at home and have their own Medicine.... Screw Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, Big Banks, and other money hungry greedy bastards selling CBD for $20 a gram. It should be Free.... this stuff grows like a Freaking weed with an $12 Light Bulb.


Even if you don’t get top notch flowers there is CBD in all those leaves for tea and other edibles. And you learn as you grow....

That's a very nice...I guess some stoners here can't get access to cannabis will b very much appreciated if they can get access to your seeds....


I’m not sure about mailing them, customs, costs, legal issues but I certainly will hand them out wherever I go.

That's a pretty cool idea.

What a great idea my friend, the seed is paramount and traditional seeds should be protected

Beautiful plant! By the look of that one twisted leaf it may need a slight boost of calcium but damn they looks very healthy. Great job @offgrid!


Thanks.... I will add some more eggshells for calcium..... Organic gardening

That is a very good idea @offgrid. I have used canna fresh leaves, pounded them a bit to moist them before putting them on to the shoulder of grandma. Of course she didn´t know that it was cannabis . I simply mixed it with the very green cabbage leaf and wrapped her shoulder with a cloth until the pain was gone. It really helped her.