Making Smokey Maple Syrup in the back yard

in #life
4 months ago

What’s up Smokers ?

This is how we deal with the Lock Down Blues in Canada.... we go out side, tap our Sugar Maple Trees and smoke up some Maple Syrup over the Bonfire.

Nothing beats Cabin fever like some Space Cookies followed up with Waffles and home made
Maple syrup.... eh !



We use our Dutch Oven to cook everything up here...

Check out my Smokey Home Video ! Liquid Gold.

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this post made my day!


Glad I could help. Maple syrup makes everything better.

Doing the same here, in Maine. Enjoy


Awesome. Thanks for the comment and upsmoke. Enjoy the Syrup. True Nectar from the gods

Sounds great.


It’s the best. Almost as good as Honey from the Hive.

I love it! It's so delicious and when it's fresh and warm... there's no comparing it to that! Might just be my preference though.


And it’s super sticky.