Life in Lockdown .... Cannabis declared an Essential Service in Canada.

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4 months ago

Important Reminder if you are in Lockdown...


Stay at home.

Stay in your pajamas.

And most Important of all Stay Stoned.

That is all you need.

What a strange time to. Be alive. Government of Canada is telling you to stay at home... and that Cannabis is an Essential Service.

Only Cannabis Stores, groceries, and Beer Store will remain open in Canada.
Everything else is closed.

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Or just stay naked 🤭


Yeah.... a lot less laundry that way.

sounds like a plan :D


I’m hoping they recommend edibles though .... over smoking or vaping. Until we know more about how this virus affects our lungs.


It pretty much goes directly for your lungs, so yeah avoiding vaping and smoking is probably wise

As long as you got weed, beer, and food - all is @grooting!


That is all you ever need.


Gotta love them spacenugs! LOL

😆 👍