Going out for a walk with Lola and some Space Cookies ....

2 months ago

Today I am smoking Space Cookies....

But I tell ya .... I never thought in a Million years that I’d be wearing this suit out in public.

With the built in respirator I can breath freely and not worry too much if people get too close.

Interestingly everyone stayed far far away.

Be careful out there.

Things are getting weird. ,..., by Anakin Dogwalker





Darth img Source: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/hollywood-can-have-star-wars-but-ukraine-gets-darth-mykolaiovych-vader/article27730123/

#lockdown #quarantine #covid19 #pandemic #spacecookies

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Now that's hilarious! LMAO


Thanks. You are the only one who gets my humour bro.

join my facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/kanehbroseph/


Awesome. Will join ... I’m a big fan of the Holy Kaneh Bosm.

Did you do this too? 😄


Ha ha..,, probably. I can’t remember

Lololol! I love it @offgrid ... all frontliners in the hospital shoud wear that gear, even Lola is wondering she does not recognize you anymore... LMAO!