Freedom Dreams on the Water.

10 months ago

A beautiful sunset on the River with a little Freedom Dream and Charlotte’s Web in my old pear wood pipe.

10% CBD, perfect for some chilling Social Distancing on the water. No anxiety or stress out here. Life is Beautiful. Get out into nature ( 6 feet away from all humans) .... and Enjoy.

A moment of Zen.




#cbd #pipe #calm #nature #anxiety

Seed Strain Details

OvergrowCanada is giving away just one kind of seed this year, a CBD strain called “Freedom Dream.” Keep in mind that these seeds are not feminized, so they will produce a mix of male and female plants. We are giving out seeds in packs of 100.


Freedom Dream is a strain normally grown in Canada for commercial seed production. The seeds will produce both female and male plants. The female plants will grow about five feet tall and produce a large central bud with minimal side branches. If pollinated by a male plant, the bud will fill with seeds. If not exposed to male pollen, the bud will produce about 8-12% CBD


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I really do like that pear pipe of yours. It’s very authentic!


I like this one too... Sherlock Holms....

Or this Viking Pipe.


It fits a 1 gram nugget perfectly. I look like Popeye out on the river. Keep my nugs in an Old Captain Black pouch.