27 days ago

Jessica Gonzalez, like millions of others, was suffering from anxiety and depression. When she decided to trade in alcohol and prescription medication for medical cannabis, not only did she feel better and become more productive, it helped her to lose100 lbs. She is a mother, a wife and a full time cannabis influencer and educator. Also known as The Mommy Jane, Jessica talks with Montel on this episode of Let’s be Blunt about giving up alcohol and medicating solely with cannabis. The outcome was remarkable. Cannabis high in THCv combined with conscious consumption (micro-dosing) and an active lifestyle was the Holy Grail combo in her weight loss journey. She became a strain hunter, looking for terpenes like Humulene that would give her the energy to do yoga or go to the gym and not make her want to eat the pantry once I got back home. This is an episode you won’t want to miss! #cannabis #weightloss #thc #cbd

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