My day on acid

5 months ago

I had just taken half a trip and published this fact on, when the door bell rang. I said this day is gonna be awesome! ABRACADABRA – I create as I speak. The postman brought a very fine piece of parcel! BÄMM! it says! Rightly so!

Opened the package to find 5 wonderful books, a cd that I can't play (yet) and some dorje joss stick (handmade in Nepal). I definitely gonna perform a ritual with those today. Thank you, sender!

Next on my list: Going for a walk through the woods. I am almost one hour in now and I already feel something. I feel my fingers touching the keys whilst writing. It's more intense than usual. Oh, I forgot to charge my phone. So, I have a doobie while I wait for my phone to charge.

Phone says 55% … lol … just like me … bit more than half way in.

It is 10:55, battery 55%, I feel so calm. My vision slowly changes. Colors seem brighter. No halluzination, however different. I forgot the doobie. Oh, and music. I wanted to play music.

Listening to

The distances are changing. Everything is near/far/I can't tell anymore. Everything starts becoming one. I am shoving my angle tarot cards, the queen of earth jumps out of the pile, lands perfectly on my altar! BÄMM! What a day!

Right after, LOVE and 3 of earth fall to the ground. Perfect! That's what I am going with!
I love pulling earth cards! Earth is about manifestations, it's about the outcome of your magic. The queen and the three of earth are both telling me that I am on a good track, surrounded by people manifesting the same I do. We're using our ressources wisely, we're creative and decide from our heart. Singular. Mother earth. Mothership. Earthship. I know, you can't see it right now … I can!

I can!

Ok, forget about the woods! I need to go outside and I urgently need to dance in slow-motion. 75% That's enough for a dance in the garden, BÄMM!
Got too distracted. Or have I ? I think I did it. Who kares or cnows? :D

Before halluzinations kicks in, you acknowledge how beautiful everything already is. I am wearing a constant smile on my face, my body is so light are my feet still touching the ground?
I am so happy, people! Really. I've got experience with three times a microdosis and two full trips. Please don't ask about the details,
@chiraagnd, I am too high already).
And from what I have learned, this is the most effective antidepressant.
Why am I writing???
Haha, why am I brushing my teeth now?
Haha! It's so funny being a human! I tell you, people! It's hillarious!

I need a platform where I can savely upload videos of myself on this trip. Don't focus. Ok. Don't mind.

3 hours in …

what does this post look like? Am I still writing it? I'd love to tell you that you chose this experience. And whatever you think it is, it's actually entertaining! But now you won't understand for I am trying to tell you with words. Hillarious! Believe me!

I shot many videos. But I don't think I'm gonna publish. Guys, right now I am using the vacuum cleaner, believe it or not! I think, that's enough for the public. The screen is made from little dots, the words are losing shape. I am dancing.


Even if I'm not.

And if you got this …

DANCE ALONG! Thanks for watching!

#psychedelics #spirituality #healing #trippy

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Theweedtube is censor-resilient (in as far that they use IPFS). Videos uploaded to theweedtube can also be embedded here in posts.

There’s also the smoketube by @trees, but make sure to read to post first. It’s more a proof of concept than an actual platform already. But it can be a great option because less visibility and more kept to mostly.


Thanks for the tip. I tried theweedtube, however it won't play any video for me. No matter which browser I use. But I just upladed it to Dtube now.

It's so hard to type while tripping! How did Aldous Huxley even write Doors of Perception? Brushing your teeth or showering on LSD feels so amazing, you feel nice and clean afterwards.


It was my first attempt. I think he did it while coming down again. I could imagine doing that. But when I came down, one of my neighbors visited me, so I didn't have the time. Have you tried it?


Yeah, but my body was to busy melting into a sludge.