"Maryjane Jams" Now Airing On GHRO

6 months ago


Special Thanks To:

Green House Radio Online

Green House Radio Online will be airing my show every Wednesday

GHRO Link:  https://discord.gg/dtJwDCj


As I noted in a previous post, I am currently collecting soundbite's
from anyone that has been a regular contributor here on Smoke.io

The soundbites will basically be a "Self-Shout-Out" to say "Hi"
to Smoke users as well as other users of various platforms.

The soundbite should be about 5 seconds long (it will be played between the songs).

An example of a soundbite that I am looking for would be . . .

"Hi! This is @Smokeasaurusrex on Smoke.io and you are listening to Maryjane Jams"

If interested place the soundbite in the comment section or message me on discord.

Below are some 5 second soundbites. You do not have to add the music at the end . . .

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With this much talented brains and hardworking people, i think we should be moving one step ahead and should be having our own Electronic Media Channel where we should be calling people and having a debate about legalizing cannabis.

Awesome news, i'm looking forward to checking out the show. Welcome to GHRO :)


Thanks @JackDub!!