Big city lights review and baking medicated 🍪

6 months ago

I needed to get my mind off shit and what better to do then bake some cookies 🍪. I use 1200mgs of decarbed cooking hash made from a mixture of strains from my local dispensary 8DB0B032-96E4-4F87-A341-5D5FBE9F003C.jpeg
I was a little worried the batter would come out a little thin since that’s what happened the last time. I took spreadable butter and one egg, used the egg and some butter to mix the hash in. It wasn’t working out to well as the hash was in little balls, it took me 20 mins to mix it well enough. My intentions were to make 2 dozen which would have came out to about 50mg per cookie. That didn’t work so I made 15 80mg cookies. A791D9C1-97A3-4391-9285-BC6E6C391801.jpeg
I did my best to make them all the same size but wasn’t to worried about it as these are probably going to just be personal or “gifted”. EAA70D7E-0D23-4100-AF89-DC2E5A874F99.jpeg

Big city lights is an indica dominant strain. I love the dark purple hues.
I wasn’t given the parent strains of this plant but here’s how the dispensary describes it and I would totally agree with it. It’s a heavy indica!
She grinds up nice a dark
And a little close up324EE9DF-D36E-4C64-A68A-D1FF0EFB2677.jpeg

Thanks for checking out my post have a good one! Sharing is caring pass that shit!
Smoke on 💨


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I could have surely dunked one of those in my coffee this morning! What a way to start a winter monday.....

Narcotic / citrus / indica / sativa / pine / purple / cookies .......all words that i like......thanks for taking MY mind off shit also... : )

👏 👏 👏

Hi! I haven´t seen a guy here on Smoke that bakes, you´re the 1st. But they´re not that bad, all depends more on the potency of the edibles than its looks. Cheer up , keep puffin´for a high!


I’m a basic baker lol you know the boxed stuff. But I like your page and recipes look awesome. I wouldn’t mind trying some cause if I want I can actually bake just fine. I seemed to find that take 2 cookies a total of 180mgs of thc had me good all day.

This is awesome. We need more of this on


Thanks I’ll keep it coming