I'm a psychonaut

8 months ago

Hello everyone and thanks # smoke.io for approving my account! I'm Luis Miguel, I'm 27 years old, I'm a writer, engineer and psychonaut. I dedicate myself to explore consciousness using these techniques such as meditation, dreams and different states where the perception of reality is distorted, amplified and augmented.

We are all energy. Self-conscious energy that manifests itself in the world of form through what we call bodies or matter. Beyond the perceptible there is what some call the divine consciousness, God or Spirit. All that is the same. This is the way of us. Beyond the form, beyond our ordinary senses there is a multiverse full of infinite possibilities.

I take the opportunity to present my first book recently published "AD INFINITUM" that you can get in the following link! https://amzn.to/2GVFlvN

In the following will be published experience experiences, statistics, dreams, etc ...

A big hug to everyone and thanks for visiting!

#psychedelic #grow #art #health

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Welcome to the community! If you need any help, Just ask! I'm not super smart but i can help get you in the right direction. Much Luv


Thank you so much!!

Welcome home homie :-) I love your energetic intro - Re-smoked & following.

Welcome to smoke :)

Welcome to the smoke network, do you consume cannabis? What are your psychedelics of choice?


Hello my friend!! Yes, I consume cannabis and many others psychedelics like DMT, Psylocibin, AMT, and other fenetilamines!! Thanks you for your question!!