Blazing some GMO ! What you smoking?

in #life
4 months ago

YOOO word up fellow smokies, I hope all is well and everyone is feeling alright today! I know I am
It's that time again lets all fire one up and get our minds right! I'm currently smoking on some GMO I picked up from a local shop, it's not the best but cheap and gets the job done haha
Got a fatty going as we speak, cheers ladies and gents!
Drop me a line below let me know what your rolling up tonight!!


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Dope post bro:D


Definetely 🤩💚


Thanks !

Wow! Love the logo and the pictures 🤩💚


Thank you i appreciate it! Cheers!

That’s a good looking fatty my friend 👍

I am blazing on some El Diablo very nice stuff 👌


Thanks! And hell yeah man sounds fire! Cheers!

Happy smoking my friend.


Same to you!!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻

Me and the wife enjoying G-wagon and 707 Headband for this evening