WWE Raw & Cannabis Intake / Part XI - Jake Strong Weed The People

5 months ago

Over the years WWE has created a serious "Wellness Policy" that led to the suspensions of some superstars, but as the world changes its posture on weed use, WWE has also modified its policy to keep up with the times.

The "Weed Tax" used behind the scenes in WWE is the facility that can get a superstar out of trouble if he tested positive for THC during a drug screening, as a payment of $2,500 is the only punishment, but sometime no test is needed as in "Jake Strong" case.


Jake Strong / Jack Swagger / The Big Hurt

The professional wrestler was born "Donald Jacob Hager Jr." on 24 March 1982, he has been wrestling since the age of five, he attended the University of Oklahoma as a two-sport athlete, participating in both football and wrestling.

The mixed martial artist switched to wrestling full-time in his second-year university, he was known as "Jack Swagger" during his WWE' years since 2006, and was released by WWE in March 2017, after he won World Heavyweight, US and ECW Championships during his tenure.

He was known under the ring name "Jake Strong" in "Lucha Underground" 2018, he is currently appearing on "Bellator MMA" under the name "The Big Hurt", he submitted "T.J. Jones" in the first round of their matchup at "Bellator 221", the last year, balancing his MMA and pro wrestling career and he are ready for a champion like "Ryan Bader" in 2020!

Hager's Marijuana Bust

He was arrested in 2013 for a DUI and possession of marijuana, before his match against "Alberto Del Rio" at "WrestleMania 29" for the World Heavyweight, he was driving under the influence of weed, with #Pot in his car.

DUI officer smelled burned #Cannabis and observed the wrestler's speech was slow and his eyes bloodshot and watery, the superstar was cooperative but nervous and talkative, he failed a field sobriety test where he was asked to "walk & turn", the officer said:

It was probably by far one of the worst I've ever seen as a DUI officer for under the influence of marijuana.


His blood was not drawn for a toxicology test, to confirm if THC was in his system, as he had admitted he smoked #Marijuana, the reason why the officer did not put him through any more embarrassment.

After finding him guilty, the judge suspended a two-day jail sentence for six months of good behavior, but "Fined" him $1,000 plus $300 in court costs for the DUI conviction and $198 for speeding.

Luckily for him, "WWE Didn’t Suspend" or remove the former world champion from the match, due to the growing mainstream acceptance of weed over WWE culture, his only punishment was not receiving an entrance on the grand stage and never being featured in the main event scene.

The biggest #Pothead in pro wrestling risked it all at the worst of times driving while high, he has to strongly love marijuana for such an incident to occur. In spite of being pretty good in the ring, he lacked the personality to connect with his fans.

His #Weed hobby helped him for a more connection and his push get nixed due to marijuana use. As stupid as it may sound, you have to admit the #Funny song "Weed the People" was pretty clever from the fans!

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I think that so many people in wrestling and other high intensity sports smoke a lot. It makes more sense to me that they would not want to be taking pills all the time and that sometimes it can be enough to just smoke. No one should be looked at like a bad person for trying to make themselfs feel better. It is a shame that it happens so much but I think times are changing and it can apply to wrestling as well. Hopefully it will encourage more new wrestlers to come out of their shell. I can imagine there might be a lot of people who want to do it but do not try because they know of the testing that happens and that it is not tolerated very kindly.


Disagree. He can post what he wants.


Thanks for support / Kindly be informed, WWE's series contains 15 EP, as I planned a few weeks ago but will be extended to 20 EP and will be followed by MMA one. So, @lordoftruth will keep going, as he has no boss ... Coming soon "The Viper & Wacky Tobacky". / Wish u a great Sunday.


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