WWE Raw & Cannabis Intake / Part VIII - X Pac & Route 4:20

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Wrestlers like "Kurt Angle", "Eddie Guerrero", and "Brock Lesnar" turned to prescription painkillers and other dangerous medication to heal the pain to continue on with their careers. These ways may have helped them to deal with WWE’s rigorous travel schedule and painful matches, but ultimately lead to their own demise, after they became addicted.

Wrestling stars such as "High-Flyer" / Part VII, "RVD" / Part VI , and "The Big Valvoski" / Part V are some of weed in wrestling’s biggest advocates, who understood what pills will do to the body and psyche, and the harmful side effects to user's health, and this what turned them on to a different route - "4:20 Route"! They are turning to #Weed because it is the right route, it is not considered addicting or dangerous, and has been proven effective in treating chronic pain, they start to relieve their pain by rolling one up.

"X-pac" is one of the wrestling stars who believes, it’s time for wrestling to try marijuana, as a safe and familiar alternative, he regrets all of the substances he did in his younger years but excludes cannabis from that list, he’ll always go down as a legendary weed enthusiast.



The American podcaster was born "Sean Michael Waltman" on 13 July, 1972, he has won a dozen championships between WWE, WCW, and TNA, the majority being cruiserweight and tag team titles. His small size and young appearance made him appear like a teenager competing against grown men, to help him connect with children, "Vince McMahon" simply called "The Kid".

He was known also with other ring names that emphasized his speed, like "The Cannonball Kid" , "The Lightning Kid" and "The 1-2-3 Kid". "Hogan" sometimes referred to him as "Syxx-Pac" (six-pack of beer). Others comfirm that he was influenced by the rapper "2Pac", and his weed habit and this why he used "Pac" as part of his nickname.

Probably, he was given the name Syxx because he was the sixth wrestler to join the stable and Syxx is a variation of his previous ring name...1+2+3=6, and his neck was broken during an altercation with "The Living Legend", but he continued to work for six months with this injury. However Waltman openly admits that "X-Pac" has no real meaning, insisting it is "just him".


X-Pac & Weed

It's no secret he loved smoking a joint so often during his time with WWE, X-Pac has been very open about his marijuana habit and he was a major advocate of legalizing #Marijuana as well. If you was an "Attitude Era" fan, you can remember him saying "If your ass is grass and I’m going to smoke it" as an obvious reference to marijuana. He was one of the biggest stoners of his time, he continued to use marijuana for many years with great pride.

He has a history of getting caught with weed and he used to smoke it backstage during raw tapings. "Vince Russo" revealed he caught X-Pac smoking backstage at an episode of "Raw" with "Road Dogg"and "Ben Stiller" of all people. The reputed WWE's #Stoner was among the former "Tag Team" champion's biggest supporters, when the "High-Flyer" violated the "Wellness Policy" for smoking synthetic marijuana, he said :


He is among the many staunch supporters for marijuana #Legalization throughout the United States, he was arrested back in 2010 for marijuana possession. He has struggled with methamphetamine abuse in the past and he's been arrested on multiple occasions, his last arrest was on 2017 at Los Angeles International Airport after police said he tried to bring methamphetamine and #Cannabis on a flight to the United Kingdom.

He was scheduled to wrestle in the UK, but ended up being detained at the airport when customs officials discovered what they thought were drugs in his luggage, he was charged with possession of a controlled substance in relation to the methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth, but not the cannabis as it is not a controlled substance in the state. Waltman was "Bailed For 35,000 US Dollars", he said:

I was one of the worst meth-heads ever. If I was back doing that, there is no way I could have the life that I have right now. My life is amazing, this is just a hiccup in the road. I'm still clean, besides the cannabis. I don't drink, I don't do any drugs. My diet is probably better than just about anybody's.

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bIG UP XPAC! Another great piece thanks..... So ,he worked wrestling for 6 months after breaking his neck........ hardcore.........! I like the fact that he's now lwading a healthy lifestyle 'after his earlier problems with meth etc...

lwading ?was meant to be leading .....btw


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