WWE Raw & Cannabis Intake / Part VII - The High Flyer & Marijuana Busts

4 months ago

There was a time in WWE a few years ago where a lot of wrestlers were getting suspended for violating the "Wellness Policy". When suddenly superstars weren’t able to get away with many of the things they were used to, some surprising names began popping up on the suspended list, from "Slater" to "Chioda", no one safe from suspension.

The "High-Flyer" was one such example, getting busted for smoking marijuana. He had an impressive run as one of the best high fliers in the business, he could have been something special, but WWE wasn’t ready for a talent of his smaller stature to be a big star. He provided great moments until a couple of poor decisions were stemmed from his love of weed.


The High Flyer

The high-flyer born "Matthew Joseph Korklan" on 19 March 1983, was the favorite high-flying show-stealer of the WWE universe, before "Neville" came in and conquered gravity. He was part of some great spots throughout his WWE stay and most of them were worth the highlight reel.

His exciting brand of wrestling was an instant sensation throughout the league, and his skill seemed like it was unmatched in terms of acrobatics and showmanship. However, his career with WWE went through rough patches due to his #Weed habits.

High Flyer & Marijuana Busts

WWE & Synthetic Weed

While he was with WWE where he wrestled as "Evan Bourne" from 2008 to 2014, he failed two wellness policy tests, and was suspended for 30 days in 2011 and 60 days in 2012. He was released in 2014 with two policy violations on his record. He revealed later the suspensions were for Serenity (Synthetic Weed):

I smoked this garbage called serenity now, which in the beginning was a lot like weed except I could smoke it and not fail my test for weed, which had been a problem. I failed a couple tests for marijuana.

He was apparently fed up with the rules of having to pay fines for using #Pot, and turned to an artificial alternative, and this led to two wellness policy violations back to back for suspensions both times. He would suffer an injury during his suspensions and never returned to WWE television.

NJPW & Cannabis

He flew into Japan with 2.12 grams of #Cannabis in his possession, and that got him arrested at "Kansai Airport" on 23 September 2016, he spent three months in a Japanese prison because of it.

He was flying to Japan to wrestle under the name "Matt Sydal" for "NJPW", when it was discovered he had hidden pipe containing liquid cannabis and a pipe containing cannabis two of a state of being attached to electronic cigarette.

As Japan is notoriously strict on #Marijuana possession, and as such offenses are taken seriously in Japan, he faced with a choice of eighteen months in jail or three years' probation, he took the probation, and was sent back to the U.S.


He was the "Tag Team Champion "back then, when the suspensions in close succession forced WWE to take the gold away from him. He never smoked Serenity after WWE time.

He is very vocal about his adoration of #Marijuana and loves being able to use it freely today outside of WWE. He did well for himself in the independent circuit, he became one of the best wrestlers in the world with impressive matches in ROH and PWG.

The name "Evan Bourne" has been retired since 2014 when he left WWE, but now he start to using it once again for a string of "EVOLVE" events. Could this lead to an WWE ? We have to wait and see!

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