WWE Raw & Cannabis Intake / Part VI - The Five Star Frog Splash & Marijuana "RVD 4:20"

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His fans brought "RVD 4:20" signs to ECW events for a few years, his encounters with weed are no secret in WWE community. He couldn’t talk about #Cannabis as much as he’d want during his WWE career, but enjoyed the freedom after leaving the company.

The ECW legend made his love of marijuana part of his presence, he has become a supporter of various organizations trying to get marijuana legalized. He’s frequently made his views on the subject matter known to the public, claiming the #Marijuana is not harmful as it is portrayed by some media outlets.

When you think of RVD, the "Five Star Frog Splash" and weed are the two things most commonly associated. Everyone knew he was a huge pothead due to him bringing it up in promos and flat out looking stoned during many of his promos.

He is one of the most popular names of any celebrity that can be considered a legendary #Pothead. He incorporated the weed smoking habit into his gimmick and it ended up being a successful story. Marijuana helped him with performing and staying active as he wrestled high during his ECW years, and when he was asked how often he was high, he said:

I'm going to say 100%. but from 2001 all the way to my last run in 2014 in which case I would say it was much, much lower more like maybe 90% of the time.


The Five Star Frog Splash / RVD

RVD was born "Rob Szatkowski" on 18 Dec 1970 and raised in Battle Creek, Michigan, where he discovered his first love - comic books. He had to acquire every comic book with his favorite characters. When he discovered wrestling in high school, he followed it with the same passion as one of his comic book characters. At the age of 15, he attended his first wrestling show by the WWF in Battle Creek’s Kellogg Center.

In high school, coaches had encouraged "RVD" to be lean and mean, but he wanted to bulk up like the professional wrestlers he followed, and he switched to martial arts to gain flexibility. He researched wrestling schools, and in December 1989, at the age of 18, RVD began to attend training sessions, and while he was considered smaller than most wrestlers, he demonstrated his desire, endurance, and ability.

Talent won him matches with wins in smaller venues, he understood marketing and his popularity grew as he toured on the road as a wrestler. Weed smoking has actually been a major facet of his character, while creating "420 friendly" character has made him more attractive to fans, and he has made quite the living off of #Smoking weed. Watch the below video to see how medical marijuana has played important role in his wrestling career.

RVD 777.png Marijuana Charge

The biggest bump in his career came in 2006 when he was busted for possessing Marijuana. He was ECW & WWE champion back then and he was forced to drop the titles. He was never careful, and he never thought about hiding his use of #Weed, as he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong.

He's never been shy about expressing said love for weed and it's gotten him in trouble at the worst possible times. He lost WWE championship on July 3, 2006 due to an "Arrest Days" earlier for marijuana possession, and he's never been the same since.


While traveling between shows in West Virginia and Philadelphia, he was pulled over for speeding. The police officer smelled #Pot and performed a search of the car. He was arrested and later posted bond, as the search yielded 18 grams of marijuana.

After arrest, "McMahon" calmly informed him that he would be suspended for 30 days, urging him to get some rest. He would have to drop the WWE championship that evening in Philadelphia. He would still have to wrestle, knowing in advance that he’d have to concede the match.

The Five Star Frog Splash

The timing of the arrest couldn’t have come at a worse time as he was in the middle of the biggest push of his career. He had won WWE Championship off "John Cena" at ECW, a few weeks before. He dropped WWE Championship to "Edge" and lost his ECW title to "Big Show".

I paid a $100 fine for possession of marijuana. However, since the WWE suspended me it ended up costing me like $30,000 or $40,000 easily. And you know what? I asked for more time off at the end of the 30 days. That was one of my favorite months of my contract.

RVD said "Yes we cannabis" and so should we! We must do not ignore the fact that WWE superstar, who takes his health extremely seriously choose to use marijuana! Enjoy "Alien Architects" / S2 EP4 to see how RVD demonstrates in #Funny mode, the consequences of a finishing move on Action's friends.

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