WWE Raw & Cannabis Intake / Part V - The Big Valbowski & Cannabis Industry

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Wrestling may be a scripted sport, where the results come predetermined, but the injuries are definitively real, as you can’t simulate jumping from the top rope or another wrestler pulling your arm back. Wrestlers feel all the pain, both physically and psychologically, which is why they struggle with "Addiction & Dependence" to opioid painkillers.

To protect the wrestlers, WWE established strict policies around pills. Should a wrestler get caught using prescription painkillers, tranquilizers, steroids, or abusing other pharmaceuticals, they will receive an immediate suspension or get booted from the circuit. However WWE is quite lenient when it comes to #Marijuana.

Pro wrestlers can’t do pills or drugs, but they can use weed to help manage physical and psychological stress, paying a "Wrestling’s Weed Tax", as "Vince McMahon" knows the medical benefits of marijuana, how #Cannabis can be used to aid sports men and women in recovering from sports-related trauma, and how the pot saved the lifes of "ECW Vampire"
and "The Big Valvoski".

The life of "The Big Valvoski" is synonymous with two things, pro wrestling and weed. He portrayed a porn star character during the "Attitude Era" and stood out as one of the more entertaining midcarders. WWE employed him for many years until wrestling career went out with a whimper. His work impressed at times but lacked the special connectivity to get to the top of the card.


The Big Valvoski / Kaptain Kannabis

"The Canadian" professional wrestler held a number of titles during his WWE run including the Intercontinental championship twice, the European championship and the world tag-team championship with "Lance Storm", he also held the CMLL world heavyweight title.

WWE's fans might think that "Sean Morley", known by the ring name "Val Venis", has fallen off the map. While it might be true that he hasn't performed for a major wrestling organization since 2009, he's been busy with is new hobby - Marijuana. He's working in the cannabis industry and he's heavily involved in activism for its use for medical purposes.

Dubbed "The Big Valbowski", who also goes by the moniker "Kaptain Kannabis", has been a longtime proponent for the legalization of cannabis, claiming he used marijuana to help him get off the prescription drugs that he was once addicted to during his WWE career.

He is a big proponent of marijuana as an alternative to pain medication. He has spoken out often on how he feels his fellow wrestlers should ditch the pills for the joints. He explained in a interview published by "Inquisitr" that he had six pins inserted into his shoulder as part of a medical procedure and that his elbows always hurt. He took anti-inflammatory and other pain medication but was concerned about the long-term side effects of such drugs. He said:

When I found out about marijuana and started utilizing that instead, in 2008, I came off all pharmaceuticals and never looked back. I could smoke marijuana and eat marijuana for the rest of my life and never suffer any liver disease or kidney failure due to pills.The pills will get you every single time, with marijuana, you could be 110-years old and still smoke it.


Nowadays, he runs a marijuana #Dispensary and lounge, he opened his own medicinal marijuana business in Arizona in 2014, the business was formerly known as the "Purple Haze Lounge" but he has changed the name to "Health for Life", later.

He loves to educate the public on the truth about medical #Pot. He continues to spread the word on weed, he has a "YouTube Channel" where you can catch the former member of right to censor speaking about new marijuana strains and his encouragement of marijuana legalization, and at his "Twitter Account" he shares links to medical pot news and info. He said:

There is so much cannabis can do. I don’t think people have any reason to fear it at all.

"The Big Valvoski" has become one of the biggest marijuana supporters in the world, he believes in it strongly enough to adopt the moniker "Kaptain Kannabis". The Kaptain shares his strong belief that marijuana needs to be legal everywhere.

He calls out WWE and other corporations to don't fine or punish anyone that chooses to use #Weed. "His Store" sells various forms of merchandise with marijuana leaves on the clothing items. He has a brand dedicated to his love of pot and hopes to become the face of weed in pro wrestling.

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Another interesting wrestling character ,with a very positive success story! I'm still really enjoying this series.

Fear to the fact thst it is still not legalized in our place. Soon, Im hoping for the best.