WWE Raw & Cannabis Intake / Part IV - Godfather & God’s Plant

4 months ago

During a podcast interview on "Talk Is Jericho", "NZO" revealed that during his time with WWE (2012-2018), he witnessed a lot of pot smoking behind the scenes. He said that half of the WWE’s performers blaze #Bud, which is likely accurate since WWE only fines its athletes if they fail a piss test.

WWE will fine a wrestler $2,500 described as a "Weed Tax", if he has been caught with THC in his system, and will not be evicted from the circuit if cannabis is the only substance he consumes. Probably because "Vince McMahon", is an avid pot smoker himself, and his weed's love explains a lot of WWE’s creative decisions over the last 20 years.

McMahon was sitting there with Linda, Donald, and all the heads of state, and McMahon lit up a joint and Trump was like, ‘you can’t smoke that joint in here!’ And McMahon goes, ‘I just did!'

However Most of WWE's stoners don’t go public with their love of marijuana, but "The Godfather" is one that spoke on it often. He is one of the most enthusiastic potheads in wrestling history. He openly talks about his #Marijuana use, imploring the audience to "Light A Fatty" for this pimp daddy.


The Godfather

"Papa Shango" born "Charles Wright" better known to wrestling fans as "The Godfather" is a big fan of "Mary Jane". He lives in Nevada, where the stuff got legalized, which I am sure is to his liking. He is professional wrestler, manager of a successful "las Vegas Strip Club", WWE Hall of Famer, and marijuana advocate. In 2017, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. How did he choose to celebrate? He openly walked around the after-party vaping CBD oil from a vaporizer pen.


It became a regular thing during his promos for Godfather to reference to "Light A Fatty" every week, his personal life followed his promos of using #Pot. He admitted he enjoyed getting high in his free time in various interviews.

Godfather referenced his use of #Weed while portraying the character of a pimp with his "HOS" coming to the ring with him. Many wrestlers are extremely jealous knowing he got paid to walk around with stunning models, dance around and talk about loving weed.

He'd talk about weed a lot, and some of the references were a little on-the-nose, surprising considering how young some members of the audience were. According to "Wright", he was able to do this because the network execs had no idea what he was talking about, saying:

I got away with talking about weed so openly on TV because the network executives had no idea what I was saying. They didnt understand the slang. They had no idea what a fatty or a blunt was, so I was able to say all this stuff and they had no clue.

It was an "Anything Goes" time in WWE, with Godfather not afraid to say whatever it was he thought would get him over and pop the crowd. Now that WWE are PG-rated and will fire a man for pretending to choke someone with a tie, it's not likely that they'll drop any cute clues about the Godfather's fondness for the #Ganja.

He truly believes in his position on the plant, he wasn’t one of those #Stoner teenagers who got behind marijuana because it was the cool thing to do, he didn’t start using the plant until well into his adulthood. After his first encounter, he knew this was something that could greatly benefit humanity on a large scale. He said:

Try it, try cannabis, try dabbing, try edibles you know, maybe gonna help you out. I’m not going to sit here and preach about myself but I don’t have any conditions man and it’s because at twenty-eight years old I took up God’s plant.

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@lordoftruth i have to say ,i'm not really a wrestling fan,but really enjoy these posts ,i think due to the extravagant characters....