WWE Raw & Cannabis Intake / Part III - The Vampire

8 months ago

Over the years many of WWE wrestlers just like anyone use to get high off, like back in 1987 when WWE superstars "Jim Duggan" & "The Iron Sheik" made media headlines when they got pulled over by the police and got caught with a large bag of #Marijuana.

Since those days, not much has changed, "Rob Van Dam" has publicly stated that he indeed does enjoy smoking marijuana in his spare time. R.V.D was even on the cover of "High Times" magazine back in the mid to late 1990's.

"X-Pac" is another well known pot smoker in WWE, like back during the attitude era where during a promo on the mic he would say things like "Shane McMahon when I get my hands on you your ass is grass and I'm going to smoke it"!

Before the wellness policy was inforced in the WWE, "Orton" admitted to #Smoking a joint after a show. Til today there are many WWE legends who smoke cannabis but somehow pass the drug test.

Unlike guys like "Matt Sydal" & "R-Truth" who got suspended for 30 days each back in late 2011 for failing a screen test after smoking fake #Weed K2 with spice in it. But in my opinion, the biggest stoner in wrestling is "The Vampire".


The Vampire / Shelly Martinez

The American retired professional wrestler "Shelly Leonor Martinez" is known for her work with WWE on its "ECW Brand" under the ring name Ariel and for TNA under the ring name Salinas as valet to "LAX".

The Former WWE Diva and "TNA" Knockout stated that marijuana saved her life, she admits to being addicted to prescription pills during her time in WWE until a co-worker told her of the advantages of weed smoking.

She had wounded her back while wrestling and as is the case with wrestlers, her doctor gave her a prescription for pain relievers. When her body built up a "Tolerance", her doctor told her to take a couple more, then a couple more!

Until she was taking about 20 or so of the little bastards a day. Off to the hospital cos she eventually overdosed. She says that while there, her skin turned grey at one point and she's lucky to be alive today. She continues to use #Cannabis for pain relief. She said:

I was going to die. No doubt about it. I was on the wrong path. Now, I’m healthy, happy, pain free, and here to sing the praises of how my life is so much better today because of Cannabis!


Martinez starred in Kevin Booth's documentary "How Weed Won the West" the story of the growing medical marijuana industry, the movie that digs in, indeeply into the culture and commerce of marijuana featuring California's weed growers, medicinal marijuana patients and law reform advocates.

Martinez stepped away from the rings a couple of years ago as an active performer, but she is still involved in the wrestling industry in a unique way, doing "Fantasy Wrestling". Former WWE Diva Makes Lingerie MMA Debut. Martinez revealed:

I don't look at it as pro wrestling in any way shape or form. My main focus is my secret society fan site Shellys Secret, that is my fan site that shows all of the stuff that I'm doing. It links to my Patreon site as well.

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Quite relavent about her swapping prescription meds for cannabis . Btw ....i don't watch wrestling ,so never seen any breast slapping before ! ...funny......


Never really got into wrestling really. Had friends who liked it, but it just wasn't my thing. I suppose boxing appealed to me more because they were actually hitting one another aggressively, in no planned manner. I guess I looked at wrestling as more of a performance, less of an intense match of competitors. This is still interesting and good for those who do enjoy it to read. It's interesting to know just how far the reach of cannabis has been throughout the decades. :)