WWE Raw & Cannabis Intake / Part II - The King Of Bros & Marijuana Habit

8 months ago

For many, becoming a "MMA" or "WWE" superstar is akin to fulfilling a childhood dream as money, fortune, and fame all come with. Those superstars with the largest fan bases often feel like rock stars, and some under the impression that they are invincible.

It’s the sort of lifestyle that frequently catches up to them before it is all said and done. Some have noted histories of alcohol abuse and have gone on to attend rehabilitation clinics. Some take hard drugs, while for others #Cannabis have become their vice or a safe alternative to pain medication.

Talking openly about how marijuana has allowed them to avoid taking prescription pain medication and it's medical benefits, doesn’t change the fact that #Pot smoking is frowned upon by the league that employs them all. The reason why "Matt Riddle" head to different leagues to can continue his habit.

Matt Riddle Was Busted Twice

The King Of Bros / Matt Riddle

He is one of the newest recruits to the WWE programme "NXT". However, prior to signing for WWE, he made a name for himself in the MMA, but he was forced to choose between a promising MMA career and a #Marijuana habit in 2013.

"Twice" he had a UFC victory over-turned after a drug test revealed marijuana in his system. He was released after his second failure. Abstaining weeks before drug tests and holding a Nevada medical marijuana license didn’t save him.


After false starts in other MMA promotions, he found himself on his couch watching "Wrestle Mania" and contemplating a new line of work. He’d grown up watching WWE. He started amateur wrestling after being kicked out of the UFC for #Weed smoking, with around one year.

So, he began his pro wrestling training in 2014 and initially drew some interest from WWE. He has reinvented himself as a wrestling prodigy known to his fans as "The King Of Bros". In 2016, he won "Most Improved" and "Rookie of the Year" in the "Wrestling Observer Newsletter" awards.

If "The King Of Bros" wants to end up in WWE however, he better hope that "Vince McMahon" has a more open attitude to marijuana than "Dana White" did. He tried to transform himself, over the years into a lethal machine. He is not bashful about his Marijuana use. Weed has been a part of his routine since he was a teenager. He said:

I’ve had hand surgeries, I’ve used pharmaceuticals, and I felt like, ‘Holy shit, this is addicting and I shouldn’t be taking this because I want to take more and I’m not even in pain.’ Marijuana never felt like that. I just like the way it makes me feel. I’m about to be 32, I barely work out, and I’m shredded. I don’t think it’s because of the weed, but I don’t think it’s hurting me either, you know?


In the early part of his professional wrestling career he had a tryout at WWE, but he was not selected as they suggested he work with "Evolve Wrestling". He believes his thoughts on #Weed kept him out of WWE.

While the company originally passed on him, he has improved significantly on the independent scene for WCPW, WWN, "Progress Wrestling" and Evolve. The king gets to be him, he gets to wrestle like he wants, and he continues with #Weed practice, he is happy in independent promotions because of the finances and the schedule.

The question now - will be included in the "2020 Men’s Royal Rumble" (WWE Event) on January 26th. He wrote in his twitter:

If I’m not in the Royal Rumble this year I’m probably going to do something that you won’t be happy about, bro!


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