WWE Raw & Cannabis Intake / Part I - The Undertaker

6 months ago

He loves the juvi juice and his name referred to weed smoking as "Cannabis Intake". During his "Broken Skull Sessions" appearance with Stone Cold Steve Austin, he explained how he planned to take a night off from having a drink with WWE roster in preparation for a European tour.

He said he found out he was staying in the same hotel as Cypress Hill, known for their cannabis intake. It was him and "X-Pac", they partied with "Cypress Hill", they drank all the whiskey and they ended up in one of Cypress Hill' member room.

The next day, "The Deadman" found X-Pac is asleep on his shoulder, he picked him up, he opend the door and a big plume of weed smoke falls out into the hallway. He said:

We had an early call and I’m telling myself ‘You’re gonna go down there and be cool,’ but my head’s pounding and I go down there and I’m like ‘Hey guys’ and they’re still trying to call guys to get them out of their rooms and I’m just no-selling it.

So, did they smoke "Undertaker's Starin", the mostly #Indica variety from "Blue Stone Sanctuary", with resin crystals, and citrus' scent & taste! Did "The Undetaker" smoke his starin! Hard to answer but what I know that having a rivalry with "Taker" whether or not that superstar wins really helps his career.

"Taker" did not look stoned because of the beatings he took in the ring over the years, or when he was with "Michelle Mccool", he did look stoned as he enjoyed the weed but most likely he got caught with it in 2003 when "Kane" got mad at him so he buried him alive!


#Marijuana in pro wrestling is so interesting subject, as many fighters have indulged in using our loved plant, but they were discouraged from using it. It all comes back to the discussion in society on if marijuana should be classified as a drug.

WWE adopts a rule that fines wrestlers that test positive for using #Pot, but it does not result in a suspension. Other more extreme drugs count as a violation of the wellness policy leading to a thirty day suspension.

"WWE" doesn't really have as strong a policy, as the wrestler used to get suspended, but they fine him. "NJPW" will fire the wrestler for weed use, but they considering steroids are legal there. "ROH" & Impact's policies aren't really known, though if the wrestler has a problem, they will take the necessary action.

The use of #Cannabis has its benefits to many people, including those working a rough schedule in the wrestling industry. Pot helps deal with pain that comes from the difficult job, and can help one become more relaxed to deal with the stress.

Some have had highly publicized histories with using marijuana and others are flat out proud of their use of it. Those tied strongly to the world of marijuana have developed the reputations of being #Potheads.

WWE told "Riddle" to get more experience under his belt, nothing about his pot use! Doesn't "Orton" pay his weed fines in advance? They took exception to RVD because they'd just put two major titles on him and he was caught by the police. It used to be a $5000 fine but was lowered to $2000!

The "WWE Raw & Cannabis Intake" Series will bring you all the incidents through the years that have led to these specific names becoming known for their use of #Weed, to see the biggest potheads in the history of pro wrestling!

WWE Raw & Cannabis Intake / Part II Coming Soon !

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