Which Joker Works Better For You! / Rolling Papers Or One Of The 5th Potheads - Part I

3 months ago

His skin and smile are commonly attributed to accidentally falling into a chemical bath while he was under the persona of "Red Hood", he is one of the most captivating and frightening comics villains ever brought to life.

Every writer portrays him differently in the comic books, and every actor portrays him differently. Because of these different portrayals, most people don't know about him.

Created by "Jerry Robinson" to be an evil court jester, who first appeared in the debut issue of the comic book Batman "April 25, 1940", was originally rejected as a villain for being too clownish.

Robinson's trademark creation has been featured in many Batman movies, comics and animations, and his original drawing has also been featured on display in many museums across America.


The Joker

He has gone by many names, but his real name remains unknown. One of the keys to his enduring intrigue is the fact that his real identity, such as it is, remains unknown. There are some possible clues to his origin, but Batman still doesn't know who his arch-nemesis truly is.

His origin is also unknown, it is a sad tale he shares in Alan Moore's famous "The Killing Joke" comic. He describes himself as a husband to a pregnant wife he can't support due to his failed career as a comedian.

He's talked into helping some criminals break into his old workplace, and his wife ends up dying due to a freak accident with a baby bottle warmer, but Joker still helps the criminals, and they convince him to wear a Red Hood mask during the robbery. He is generally considered to be an evil, amoral character.

After all, he's killed hundreds of people, tortured children, and inspired worldwide terror, and done it all for fun. However, an old JLA comic by "Grant Morrison" revealed something surprising: He is, deep down, a good man.


His sexuality has been handled differently by different writers across the decades. For instance, "Dark Knight Returns" portrayed Joker as effeminate and obsessedwith Batman. This is cheekily referenced in Batman graphic novel "A Serious House on Serious Earth",

when Joker grabs Batman's butt and the "Dark Knight" calls him a "filthy degenerate", which was itself a metatextual reference to the gay panic that once surrounded Batman, but in other versions, he is portrayed as almost asexual.

It's very hard to understand the Batman and Joker dynamic. Are they mortal enemies? If so, neither has made many serious efforts to kill one another over the years. Does Batman think he can help the Joker?

If so, it seems weird that he keeps throwing him into the same understaffed asylum. In "Scott Snyder's Death Of The Family", however, the writer portrays the Joker and Batman dynamic in a new light: Joker thinks he's making Batman perfect, he thinks he's helping Batman!


Big name characters like Batman and Superman have returned from supposed death, "Bucky Barnes" returned as the badass "Winter Soldier", and so on. However, even by comics standards, he has died an impressive number of times. He's been resurrected over and over!

Joker Rolling Papers

Along with Zig-Zag, "Joker Rolling Papers" were all the rage back when "rolling a doobie" was America’s choice for cannabis consumption. The packaging artwork depicted a "joker in full regalia" that was "sure to turn friend’s heads and start maybe start a conversation".

Every smoker knows a #Joint is only as good as the paper it's wrapped in. Good quality paper means a good quality smoke, and that's why Jokers have grown to be a household name among those who roll their own joints.

Joker papers were first made in the 70's and are still available today, from fine purveyors like "Hippie Butler", and as we stand on the threshold of #Cannabis legalization there’s a resurgence of these classic, retro brands that may once again find their place in the sun.

Jokers still made exclusively in Belgium, operating from the same factory they started in all those years ago. But tradition doesn't mean a lack of innovation, as Jokers have kept with the times and has implemented plenty of great features on their #Rolling papers.

Every paper leaf of "White & Orange" boxes is made of the highest quality paper and is clean burning, meaning an almost complete lack of any papery taste and a minimal amount of ash while it burns. Gum lines are pure Arabic gum with no artificial ingredients, making it an all natural and safe product to use.


The 5th #Potheads

So, which Joker works better for you? Joker rolling papers, 1966' Joker (Cesar Romero), 1989' Joker (Jack Nicholson), 2008' Joker (Heath Ledger), 2016' Joker (Jared Leto) or 2019' Joker (Joaquin Phoenix)!

Part II Coming Soon...
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At the end of "Death of the Family" I literally wanted to punch the Joker in the face.

That was a great story arc by Snyder and probably the only time I had an emotion which didn't qualify the Joker and Batman as two (similar) characters needing each other.

I've always considered Batman = Joker and Joker = Batman, in the same spirit of Jekyll and Hyde. Both are psychopaths with only very little differences, one character just at the other side of the virtual line of "allowed". And without each other both wouldn't be the same.

But "Death of the Family", I will never forget finishing that arc.

Since Snyder DC has actually been exploring that Batman = Joker psychosis in more side arcs.

Why you gotta leave out Gothams joker?

Pretty damn good Id say


Definitely better than Leto. But that's not setting the bar high.


Indeed, I did not include Gotham' Joker as the young actor "Cameron Riley Monaghan" ( Who has appeared as twins "Jerome & Jeremiah Valeska", to explore the mythology of and act as possible origins to DC Comics supervillain the Joker) doesn't smoke weed.

However, the next parts of series will include some info about "Gotham' Joker" (Cameron Monaghan) and "The Killing Joke" (Mark Hamill)

Thanks for support / Have a great weekend.


Hamill goes all the way back to Batman: The Animated Series, which was his true call to the voice/role. Azarello made an aberration of the Killing Joke movie with the first part (the part true to the book was great though and worked very well, with an excellent Hamill performance yet again).

PS: Don’t forget Tony Hale in Batman: Ninja. His voice is excellent for the Joker. And the movie is a batshit crazy anime ride.


Indeed, Hamill performance (The Killing Joke) was excellent. By the way, I like how he smoked weed in Britannia Hospital (1982) and I believe, this is why the Batman staff selected him, as most likely he got a little high before auditioning for Joker. I would be honored to smoke with him.

Thanks for support, Ninja's trailer, info about Tony Hale' voice and your great article "Batman Ninja"/ Wish you un excelent weekend.

Gotta love some Joker! :) There's a reason he's so popular as a character and an icon. He symbolizes a fear that we have that is very real, mentally psychotic people!