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His older brother best known for his role in "Stand By Me" died of a drug overdose at just 23 years old in 1993 at the Hollywood nightclub "The Viper Room" during a night out with him and one of their sisters. Before few days of River's death, "River" told him : "You're Going To Be More Successful Actor Than I Am".

His reticence to engage with Hollywood and the media is famous, and probably has its roots in how the press covered his older brother River’s overdose on "Sunset Boulevard". He smoked some #Cannabis during the filming of Gladiator, when he showed us that he’s a master of playing the villain as the cruel "Roman Emperor Commodus", a role that earned him his first Oscar nomination. He said:

Weed makes me too self-conscious and the goal for me with acting is to not be self-aware at all !

He did something in 2005, that most people don’t do, he checked himself into a treatment program, he thought #Rehab was the place where he sat in a Jacuzzi and ate fruit salad. And when they started talking about the 12 steps, he said:


He admits the process was tough, it had a lasting effect on him and he now only drinks alcohol when he flies, and has stopped #Smoking marijuana. He said smiling:

There’s too many things I enjoy doing and I don’t want to wake up feeling hungover. It’s not a thing I fight against - it’s just the way I live my life. Some of it’s probably age!

He got stoned in "Inherent Vice"(2014), he stars as the #Dope-Smoking private investigator "Doc Sportello" who gets caught up in a case searching for a missing person. Draped in translucent lights and #Pot-Smoking subversions, "Inherent Vice" takes the infinitely rich imagination that can be found in a novel and brings its energy to the screens.

Based on the "2009 Novel By Thomas Pynchon", "Paul Thomas Anderson" writes and directs the crime comedy-drama adaptation, breathing life into the absurd frames of Pynchon’s storyline and carrying the film through a variety of dreamlike stages, guaranteeing audiences a trippy crime story splattered with laughs.

Doc & Bigfoot Tastes Some Weed..

Joaquin Phoenix / The Real Joker

The eccentric and renowned actor "Joaquin Phoenix" is known for immersing himself in unpredicted roles and refusing to play by Hollywood’s rules.

He has had a long and winding career in Hollywood since he rose to fame at first for being River’s younger brother, and later for acclaimed performances of dark and conflicted characters.

He isn’t the most recognizable of Hollywood’s A-list stars. However, over the last 20+ years, he has put together one of the most impressive careers of anyone working today. He is the "Real Joker".

After the performances between 1966 and 2018, by Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, Jared Leto, Cameron Monaghan and Tony Hale.

And after a decade since Heath Ledger won a posthumous Academy Award for "The Dark Knight", "Phoenix" transformed into the Joker, he looks like a lock to get his "Oscar" win next February.

2019' Joker888.pngJoaquin Phoenix

He puts a human face on unbridled anarchy with his portrayal of "Arthur Fleck", a troubled Gotham City clown who’s bullied and mocked until he's transformed into a symbol for a crime-ridden city on the verge of a violent revolution.

In a twisted flip of the classic hero’s journey, Phoenix dons the green hair and garish makeup of the classic villain in making Joker the star of his own "Shakespearean Tragedy".

The latest sad clown take on the character, in "Todd Phillips’ Joker" seems to have ditched some of the more supernatural, heightened elements of the backstory in favor of a gritty, realistic take, incorporating elements from "The Killing Joke" and what appears to be a more grounded look at the character’s psychosis.

Arthur is a clown and aspiring stand-up, who lives with and cares for his aging single mother, "Penny Fleck", and regularly visits a social worker assigned to him after a stay in a hospital for mental illness.

His mom, is a former employee of "Thomas Wayne", who believes the man to be a savior for Gotham. The combination of trauma, mental-health issues and continued marginalization pushed Arthur to become the Joker.

"Arthur's compulsive laughter", body horror shots of his emaciated figure and spindly limbs, disturbing relationship with his mother, off-putting eccentric vibe that he gives out to keep the audience at a distance, physical and emotional beatdowns, are the reasons that put us on his side.

Phoenix' Joker is The Real One!
So, Which Joker Works Better For You?


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Very interesting series thanks.

The Joker characters that align more closely with real world psychological issues and show that side of things more have always been my favorite. The Joker isn't simply about chaos and causing problems, it's a story about how we should really pay attention and care more about those who truly need mental help. It has underlying tones that a lot of people might miss. It reminds us that the way we treat people and the level of care we have for them can cause all types of different paths in any given person.


That is true and i think there is a lot of work to be done in that area but most specially raise awareness to the issue that is not much talked about.