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He’s a "Wealthy Vigilante" who was traumatized as a child and now goes around at night fighting crime so that other people won’t have to suffer what he went through. He’s both warm-hearted and selfish, operating in a system free from rules that allows him to penalize bad guys. He’s a chaotic good mirrored by Joker, who constantly admits he's in love with the Dark Knight.

To label their relationship is to completely ignore the complex history the two characters share. "Clown Prince of Crime" and Dark Knight have been intelligently matched since the 1940s, and in that time they developed a connection unlike any other pair of fictional arch-enemies - with Joker confessing his love for bats on multiple occasions.

The Joker doesn’t hate his foe. In fact, on most occasions, his shocking acts of mass violence are nothing more than stunts developed to gain the undivided attention of his costumed nemesis. He doesn’t commit evil deeds in spite of his heroic rival, he commits evil deeds for his heroic rival. To the Joker, the world is a "Violent Video Game", and Batman is his player two.


While Batman has repeatedly denied feeling anything towards the Joker other than unquenchable rage, the villain has on multiple occasions professed his love for the "Caped Crusader". Throughout their 80 year history, the Joker has shown romantic affections for the Dark Knight in some of the darkest and funniest ways.

In "Death of the Family", the Joker openly confesses to Catwoman that he too is in love with Batman, and systematically kidnaps each member of the Bat-family and attempts to murder them as the ultimate tribute to his love and devotion for the Dark Knight.

But what’s special about Death of the Family is that even Batman begins to understand just how deep the Joker’s river of infatuation runs for him. When Batman stares into the Joker’s eyes to try to read his motives, he is startled to see the trademark "Signs of Love" in the clown’s pupils.


2014–2019' Joker 5555.pngCameron Monaghan / Gotham

The young actor "Cameron Riley Monaghan" has appeared as twins "Jerome & Jeremiah Valeska", to explore the mythology of and act as possible origins to DC Comics supervillain the Joker. He is not #Stoner but he is better than Leto and the more you find out about him, the more you want to watch just to see how far they're willing to go!


"Gotham"is an American crime drama television series based on the idea of a Joker origin story with the Arkham-bound circus member, Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan). Described by showrunners as a "Proto-Joker", in the show’s fourth season, he died, was resurrected and died again, but not before he was able to stage an attack against his twin brother Jeremiah, using laughing gas to infect him with the Joker’s mania.

If "Jerome" represented the Joker’s anarchic side, "Jeremiah" was a calculating schemer. In the same way that the "Arkham Asylum" arc used multiple personalities/super-sanity to explain away decades of extreme tonal shifts in the character, Gotham used the time-honored TV drama tactic of twins!

2018' Joker 5555.pngTony Hale / Batman Ninja

Perhaps no moment better defines "Arrested Development" than a recent attempt by Tony Hale, who plays the high-strung, blissfully immature and one-handed "Buster Bluth", to set up a promotional clip on "Conan". In "Pier Pressure", Buster realizes that medical #Marijuana will help cure Lucille, and pays George Michael to get it for him from G.O.B.

"Arrested Development / Season 1 - Episode 10 "

"Hamill" did the Joker voice and his performance was great. Romero, Nicholson, Ledger and Monaghan portrayed the joker but "Tony Hale / Buster Bluth" tried not to compare himself when he did it. He didn’t listen to much of their stuff. He just tried coming in fresh. Hale sounded like Hamill, but after seeing him step into the shoes of the Clown Prince of Crime, he's a perfect fit for the character.

This Joker is much more interested in chaos and causing mischief because he can. Other Jokers usually have some main plan involved, but "Hale As Joker" seems like the guy who wants to destroy Japan not only because he can, but because why the hell not?

There's also a softer side to his Joker that we see in a "Stunning Watercolor Scene" that we was not expecting, but was easily one of the highlights of the movie and gave us the movie's most chilling moment. The quality of everything created from voice acting, to sound and animation quality is quite exceptional.

There is a lot of nuance to all that is "Japan & Japanimation" and it just happens to star the Batman. It is animation, it is supposed to be fun, it takes the Bat-gang to another genre and explores it completely and it is exciting and fun. We think anime fans will understand what this is trying to do and will enjoy it immensely.

Leave your disbelieve at home and enjoy "Batman Animation", truly and entirely in Japan. The art is amazing, the story is brilliant, but above all very fun. Think of Batman Ninja like a short story. The writers had to cram a lot of movie into a short period of time. No time for backstory and character building.

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I truly enjoyed Batman Ninja. But having read many side-story arcs, I have no problem setting expectations — and continuity — aside. Which is definitely a requirement for the batshit insane ride that is Batman Ninja.

I have to watch Joker 2019 now


Enjoy the real one...