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The laugh, the green and the face paint. No matter where he shows up, he always makes a statement. Mostly an explosive one, with a freaky smile on that face. He is not only Batman's greatest enemy but also one of the sickest, most deranged, twisted villains to ever exist in any "Comic Book Line".

Joker is "Clinically Insane" and has done more to hurt people over his career than just about any villain in anyone's rogue gallery. He doesn't care if he is targeting Batman, a police officer, an innocent passer-by, or even a child. He is generally considered to be an evil, amoral character.

After all, he's killed hundreds of people, tortured children, and inspired worldwide terror, and done it all for fun. However, Joker was a good guy many times ! "White Knight Joker" was to make the Joker a hero and Batman the villain, he was a good guy, trying to stop the corruption. So, most likely "Sean Gordon Murphy" wrote #Stoned and editd sober!

If we drop a look over the career of the "Clown Prince of Crime", we will see also that he was actually a good guy in "The Killing Joke".


2016' Joker 5555.pngMark Hamill / The Killing Joke

"Mark Hamill" began voicing Joker on the cartoon in 1992, he voiced the Joker in 1993's Batman "Mask of the Phantasm" and 2016's Batman "The Killing Joke".


This graphic novel by "Alan Moore" and "Brian Bolland" is possibly the closest that "DC Comics" came to creating an origin story for Joker. It was also not supposed to be canon, but it ended up changing the entire existence of one of DC Comics'most powerful female characters.

Joker was trying to prove that the best men could go insane if they were pushed hard enough and he targeted "Jim Gordon". In this book, Joker invaded "Batgirl's" (Barbara Gordon) home and shot her in the stomach, leaving her paralyzed before snapping some photos to taunt commissioner Gordon with.

2016' Joker 5555.pngJared Leto / Suicide Squad

As well as an "Illustrious Acting Career", Jared is also an accomplished musician. He and his brother Shannon are in group 30 Seconds to Mars together, and Jared loves appearing on stage. It seems his unusual youth had a huge impact on the star, as when asked what was his favorite smell, Leto replied, "The smell of bonfires. And of #Marijuana. My mom and her friends always smoked that".


The "American Star" had an unconventional upbringing. He and his brother Shannon were raised by their #Pot - #Smoking mother "Constance Leto" and the family moved around a great deal. As well as living in different cities, they spent time at a hippy commune, which Jared has previously admitted they don’t talk about much because it was so odd.

If you can get past the design that starts with a tattoo of the word "damaged" on his forehead and just spirals out from there until he looks like he should be performing alongside "Dark Lotus" at this year's "Gathering of the Juggalos", and you can get past all the stories of "Jared Leto" going Method and sending his co-stars live rats, dead pigs, and used condoms, what you're left with is... well, not much of anything, really.

It takes serious chutzpah to be the first star to play Joker since "Heath Ledger’s" Oscar-winning turn. Squad is very different take on the Joker, which makes him a lunatic nightclub owner and over-the-top gangster with a grill, was at least a big swing for something new, where we got "Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn" out of his whole deal, so let’s call it a win.

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