The Women of Weed / 3 Female Founders Pushing Cannabis Sector Forward

8 months ago

#Cannabis industry has been growing at a staggering rate across the globe, as legalisation starts to spread like wildfire, businesses are cropping up left, right and center embedding themselves in this new industry, that has always been a predominantly male activity.

However, that could be all about to change, as we're seeing women popping up all across the cannabis industry, women who have made part of #Canna-Culture as advocates, business owners or simply consumers.

Yes, it seems the times are a-changin' when it comes to women and weed, as the Cannabis Consumers Coalition (CCC) recently released a report which showed that 53% of cannabis consumers were women, versus 42% men.

The growing trend of women entering the #Canna-Space has been occurring with the help of some very high profile individuals, who have each come out in favour of the plant. Here are three female celebrities that have been public in their support of cannabis.


Karson Humiston / CEO of Vangst

She is the founder and CEO of Vangst, the cannabis industry's leading recruiting platform, she started a student travel company while she was still an undergraduate at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York.

But before she finished her education (Bachelor of Arts/Science), she’d already decided to do something bigger, the reason why she started looking into cannabis industry that she thought would be exciting to millennials, and realized in short time, the canna-space has high growth potential and lots of opportunity for career development even if she had no prior experience.

Since launching in 2016, Vangst has connected more than 10,000 people with jobs at over 650 leading cannabusinesses around the US. Vangst has raised $12.5M from leading investors, including Lerer Hippeau and Casa Verde Capital.


Patricia Rosi / CEO of Wellness Connection

She’s been honored nationally as a "Top Female Executive", a pioneer and progressive in cannabis, she is a global marketing leader turned trailblazer cannabis industry, who successfully launching a new patient-centric model and operating multiple vertically-integrated dispensaries. She’s a champion of social responsibility and the belief that managing by values drives the bottom line.

She has served as CEO of the Wellness Connection since 2013. With 80 employees and over $15 million in revenue, the Wellness Connection, the state’s largest group of medical marijuana dispensaries operates four state-licensed dispensaries and one growing facility.

She joined the board of directors of the Wellness Connection, and from there she advanced to VP of Marketing, then to chief operating officer, and finally to her current position as CEO of the largest medical #Marijuana dispensary group in Maine, Wellness Connection that currently serving over 10,000 qualified patients a year.


Nancy Whiteman / Owner Of Wana Brands

She holds a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, she is on the board of the Cannabis Business Alliance (CBA), and a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, and Colorado Leads !

She is "The Queen of Legal Weed", the co-founder and co-owner of Wana Brands, which produces Wana #Edibles, Wana Extracts, and Wana Medicinals. She founded Wana Brands in 2010, and now her company is the top 1 edibles producer in sales revenues in the highly competitive Colorado market.

She directs the development of partnerships and licensing agreements domestically and internationally, she leads the company’s strategic vision, and has been instrumental in Wana Brands’ growth into new and emerging markets.


The Spirit Of Mary Jane

The three influential female are transparent, direct and incredibly focused on the task at hand, they lead by example, they are motivated by a pursuit of excellence and share the joy in what they do with all around, they contribute to the industry and give back to their communities through action. The spirit of Mary Jane is truly and well alive.

Check out "The Women of Weed" and share how women can make a difference in the fastest growing sector this century: cannabis!

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WOW! Women Power! This will be another compilation of canna-power (with due credit to you). Thank you!

I am one of those hopeful for legalization. My sister need supposed to be a cannabis medication, but it is forbidden in our place.. 35 years of buying medicine, now she is 41. If MJ is legal, we have a big farm, no need of buying expensive pharmaceutical medicines.


Actually, I badly need this as a medicinal cure. I once had severe arthritis in my knees that it was swollen around my knee calfs (the two actually) and suffered for almost a year despite various synthetic medicines. I thought it will cripple me, but thank goodness I did not. I still went on with my office work despite the pain. The pain got worse when I was riding my motorcycle when a young boy abruptly crossed the street without looking back. I stumbled in turn-turtle position which added to my knee pain. Had there been a canna-meds around, it would have lessen the agony I've felt. I still experience painful nights every now and then. Who knows, it will soon be made available in our medical clinics! The question is when?


I hope you are liberated from corrupt prohibition sooner than later

Great work mate 👍


The man has made quite the evolution as contributor. Still miss an occasional meme, he is funny, but when thinking back to his old output and then seeing posts like this. 👌


Totally 👍


Thanks for nice words. / Behind this evolution is your continued advise and guide. / It is the time to try to go to the next level. / Thanks for all.


Thanks fo great and continued support to my work / The growing trend of women entering the Cannabis industry, we have a lot of them but I believe the most success story is The Youngest CEO In Canna Space / Rylie Maedler, that travels the world speaking at medical cannabis conferences.