The Strain Hunter & The Magic Beans / From Commoner To King

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In the midst of Amsterdam's marijuana boom, he was a 20 year old boy who had been on adventures in Thailand, when he had met a mysterious old man who said that thanks to marijuana he could heal heroin addicts. Despite his initial disbelief, he stayed with the little man for a while and learned all he could about #Cannabis.

As he said goodbye, the 78 year old man gave him a handful of marijuana #Seeds and said: "Keep those seeds. In the future, they will overthrow governments", which he now interprets as his own "Magic Beans"!


The Strain Hunter / Arjan Roskam

The Strain Hunter is one of the most emblematic figures in the cannabis industry, he is the writer and producer known for "Strain Hunters Malawi I (2010)", "The Culture High (2014)" and "The Emperor Wears No Clothes (2009)", the owner and founder of the "Green House Coffeeshops", "Green House Seed Company", "Strain Hunters", "Green House Feeding", "Green House Kitchen", "GH Medical" and several other cannabis businesses.

Born in Holland, raised in Africa and Asia, Arjan Roskam has devoted his entire life to this ancient plant. Best known for being a Strain Hunter, his story dates back to the ‘90s, when Holland became the cradle of the 2nd generation of marijuana hybrids.

He was on the frontline when all this took place, he witnessed the boom of the coffee shop industry as well as the birth of the seed banks. He has been acclaimed "The King of Cannabis" for his amazing record of cannabis prizes won throughout his career. He is the only #Breeder in the world credited with winning over 44 high times cannabis cups.


Roskam & Green House coffee shop

He started #Smoking when he was very young, in the early '80s, and started growing in 1985, and everybody thought he was crazy because, together with "Sensi Seeds", he was the only one, he started making plants indoors and he kept growing for 7 years, the first 3 years working with Skunk and in 1988-1989, focusing more on sativas and Master Kush.

He tried to sell his sativas to the coffee shops but people didn't seem to like them, the reason why he opened #Marijuana Coffee Shop in 1992 and started to sell few varieties like Skunk, Red Skunk.. but the first year nobody came and the result was $100,000 debt h couldn't pay for!

On November 1993, the change was radical, it was an overnight success as 500 people appeared in front of his shop, with so many international TV channels, with the support of "Kennedy Family", the owners of "High Times magazine", he controlled the market until 1996 because he had nobody to compete with the first three years.


Roskam & Greenhouse Seed Company

The "Green House coffee shop" was already so famous that celebrities from different parts of the world went by to taste a joint of the Arjan crop. Roskam took advantage of these contacts to spread its main goal: normalize marijuana use and, at the same time, promote (self) crops.

He asked several of them, like "Woody Harrelson", to speak in their respective countries against the criminalization of marijuana. Healso became the spokesman for this normalization by representing the union of coffee shops in Amsterdam on several occasions.

In 1993, people smoked marijuana asked for seeds, but as he didn't have them, he had only his seeds, the ones he used for breeding, so he decided to open a seed bank and he established in 1995, "The Greenhouse Seed Company in Amsterdam" with the support of "Franco Loja" & "Nevil Martin Schoenmakers".

Their breeding efforts have been awarded with prices at 35 "High Times Cannabis Cups", 17 Highlife Cups and many more private awards in many other countries. Just like some huge or exclusive food companies have food hunters, they have a team of "Strain Hunters" that spent over 20 years on a quest to obtain the most important and isolated cannabis varieties known to man in Africa, Asia and South America.

Roskam & Cannabis Global Legalization

His mission in our world is to regulate and legalise the #Weed, that goes before everything else, even before his children and his wife, he've been put on this planet with this mission, he is the last king of cannabis.

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Kindly be informed that due to some healthy problem, the last few hours, I will take few days break from writing but I will try to curate your posts when I can! / Thanks for great support - Wish all of you a great day.


Take your time and know when to have a break. Don’t burn out and get better soon! 🤘


Thank you / I feel I am done, I start to write with big difficulty (hand checking) the last few hours and I do not know when I can start to write again, the reason why I will quit writing and keep reading from famous authors, as your advise to can jumb to the next level when I get well / thanks for all mate.

I’ve spent way too many hours couch locked at Greenhouse De Pijp. It was both coincidence and awesome luck that Greenhouse was merely 200 meters from where I lived and it was one of the best shops in town.

No need to travel to the old city to get good weed. Even if it was only a 3-4 minutes skate away. The old town’s streets were not favorable to stoned skating (roller blades). :D


200 meters only! / Let me know when you will be back to your country mate, if you want the old man "@lordoftruth" visit you to enjoy the weed in the Greenhouse.


You will have to switch your bioclock to 2PM-4AM. Also, don’t make me take you on the tourist tour, Bulldog I do not visit.

PS: I’m Belgian not Dutch, but spent several years in the Netherlands in the 90s (A’dam, Maastricht, Utrecht, Scheveningen).

Oh man i love this place, frequented many times on my previous visit to the dam. The Swaziland strain hunt these guys did was off the chain! My guy in S.A used to source from a Swazi farm, he told me he'd once been offered to see the grow and been led for miles into the wilderness (probably expecting to be mugged) only to be welcomed with a field of dreams...

Get well soon friend. Take all of your time.

Nice reading your posts dear. As for the Cannabis King, one has to start from scratch because claiming the victory. I am always amazed by the history of cannabis which you have striven to post here. I really enjoyed it. The same goes with the posts of @unnamed.. Get well soon. Good day!